When Will We See a Female U.S. President?

Even though the 2012 presidential election was only last month, speculations concerning the next election in 2016 are brewing. According to an interesting article from ABC News, a majority of voters (57 percent) have stated that they would back Hillary Clinton in the next election. As noted, the article does mention that Clinton’s popularity and approval would depend to a great deal on the candidate running against her, but in terms of voting patterns, we notice that there’s quite the divide based on gender, age, and ethnicity when it comes to supporting Clinton.

Women are more likely than men to support Clinton’s work (66% and 49%, respectively). The same is true for younger voters, and for non-whites. And, similar to the demographic of voters who prefer President Obama, women are more likely to support Clinton than men (even though white women are more likely to support Clinton than they are Obama).

Historically we have seen white men running against other white men, so the last few years have really stirred things up in terms of both the ethnicity and gender of the presidential and vice-presidential candidates. One of Hennie’s professors in college said that he believed that we would not see a woman running for, or winning, a presidential election until a minority man did. This was during the 2008 election; if Hennie’s professor was right, it might soon be time for a female president.

Photo depicting Hillary Clinton was uploaded by flickr user kakissel and shared under a Creative Commons license.

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