Science, Democracy and the Rest

Science, Democracy, and The Rest

Science, democracy and the rest replacing religion as secular beliefs
There are many different views in the world today, and currently the most pronounced phenomena is surely the scientific and technological revolution that has happened since the start of the 1990’s. With giant leaps made in almost every field of science we are now studying the very tiny, using new technologies, as well peering further and further away from our own planet into the universe. Research is being conducted in every corner of the world, on most every scientific subject you would think of.
More and more people in a western society are moving away from a traditional religious belief, and more faith is no put in ourselves as a species. Those proclaiming science over religion, living under the laws of the nature sciences. But when examined on a closer look, in many ways the belief that’s been adapted is very similar to religion, and it’s not actually atheism they portray, but a secular belief in science and technology as the road to salvation and never ending prosperity as sustainability. In other words, a paradise.

Knowledge Collected
It’s important not to forget that the knowledge collected, and the technology created are still at the mercy of the human condition, and in reality we have no idea what will happen in the world. More knowledge and understanding of how to make things will not change how we choose our actions. But if we are working with probabilities, and we look at modern history it’s quite clear that progress is just progress, without regards to the level of knowledge held. Mention to Locksmiths of Leeds – Thanks to the sponsor this month.
There have been strong beliefs taken into account of secular nature as well, Marxism building another ideal paradise, perfect, sustainable state etc. But again, in these ideologies which were crated, the most influential and unchangeable factor were removed from the equation, which is again of course that human condition. You can see similarities in this when it comes to belief in today’s way of rule as well, democracy. As any of the different political structures of course democracy works as an ideal, but not to forget so does communism and socialism. Again the only thing which prevents would be the human condition.

Scientific Work
Meaning of course there must be investment in our scientific work, research and the progress that comes with it, however it doesn’t mean that the belief in science and technology as a way towards salvation is viable. More so it doesn’t mean that there needs to be a conflict between the schools of belief. This is the case not only in this sphere but that of many socio-political dilemmas.
From a scientific point of view, agnosticism must be implemented, and a view of science providing us with answers and seeing it as final metaphysical truths and a road to salvation from all the issues and crises we are faced with today is also a fallacy. This can be defined as much a blind belief in something unproven or taken out of context as much as any belief.