Why Do You Get Your Sex On?

lesbian kissSalon.com asked an interesting question earlier this week: Why do women have sex? The article summarizes a new study that seeks to explain the psychological reasons why women have sex.

The standout finding, one that feels decades overdue, is that women have sex not for babies or emotional intimacy but rather for reasons of attraction and pleasure, because “it feels good.” In other words: the same reasons men have sex. And men aren’t the only sexual conquistadors: Women enjoy the thrill of the chase and can be just as viciously competitive with same-sex rivals. And, speaking of competition, the book posits a theory of “mate copying,” in which women are drawn to men who come pre-approved by other women. (Indeed, who hasn’t experienced a sudden tingle of attraction upon seeing another woman go after a man who was previously uninteresting?) Plenty of fascinating generalizations are made, but the book’s real takeaway is that there is tremendous individual variety among women.

The problem here is that the study and its findings are all couched from a very heteronormative point of view. So let me give you a lesbian’s take on why women have sex. [Read more...]