Wednesday News Roundup

mouse2Health Care Debate Takes Shape Via Social Networking – The Hill
What is a TRAP Bill? – National Abortion Federation
Abortion Should Not Imperil Health Care Reform – Charleston Gazette
AIDS in South Africa: Women, The Church, and Global Indifference – Religious Dispatches
South Dakota Rules Anti-Abortion Donors Will Remain Anonymous – First Amendment Center
Abortion: A Healthy Choice – HuffPo
Why Private Insurance Should Cover Abortion – Wall Street Journal

World Habitat Day Comes Amid Housing Crisis

shackdwellerMonday commemorated the UN’s World Habitat Day (WHD).  It is a day to reflect on the state of town and cities throughout the world and focus attention on the right of adequate shelter for everyone. Unfortunately, this WHD came at time when the state of housing seems to be in crisis.

The housing crisis I refer has little to do with the U.S. bubble bursting, bad bank loans or even unemployment rates causing havoc on people’s ability to make rent on time. In truth, people around the world are literally putting their lives and homes at risk to fight for adequate housing and political freedom.

According to the UN, there are 100 million homeless people in the world and millions more that currently occupied inadequate homes without electricity, plumbing or stably constructed walls. [Read more...]

South Africa Trip: My new home in Soweto

south africa 1This August I avoided the rush of back to school shopping, sweltering heat, and the start of classes and replaced it instead with…a journey to South Africa?  After my incredibly riveting (ish) research on microbicide clinical trial ethics was selected by SACRA for presentation at their third annual conference, the University of the Pacific agreed to send myself and recent film alum Graham Howes to meet with local researchers, present at the conference, and create a documentary about our experience.  So, how do two twenty-somethings plan for their life-changing trip overseas?  With a backpack, a lot of flexibility, and a motto of “we’ll figure it out.”

First stop was Soweto, known internationally as the largest black township in South Africa, the epicenter of protest against apartheid, and one of the most crime-ridden cities in the world.  While Soweto (the South Western Township), a large urban area located just outside of Johannesburg, is known for its soaring HIV rates and ever increasing rates of poverty, what most people don’t encounter is the sense of community that emanates from  merely being in the presense of its people.  What is not discussed about Soweto is the friendliness of its residents (who greet everyone they encounter as they walk down the street), the local music (check out my man Choppa’s new music video Graham and I will be releasing soon), or the fact that it is the only city in the world with the former homes of two Nobel Peace Prize winners on the same street (Vilakazi).

[Read more...]

Friday News Roundup

mouse2More Teens Opting for Backstreet Abortions in South Africa – Eye Witness News
Defending Choice in Nebraska – Part One, and Part Two
Generic Plan B Approved by FDA – Feminist Campus
Price Wars on Abortions in China – China Daily
The Abortion Debate: What Would You Do? – Marie Claire