Trans Men and Women No Longer Considered Mentally Ill

Earlier this month, the American Psychiatric Association¬†decided to remove Gender Identity Disorder (GID) from the latest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual’s (DSM) list of mental disorders. GID was defined as a condition in which the person experiences dissatisfaction with the sex they were assigned at birth and with the gender stereotypes associated with that sex, often leading to dysphoria, or intense feelings of discontent.

This is welcome news, since GID is being replaced by the term “Gender Dysphoria,” which is less pathologizing since it does not signify a mental disorder or that something is “wrong” with the person who identifies as a trans man or a trans woman. Instead, the focus is placed on the distress experienced by the person undergoing the transition.

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Pregnancy: The Ancient Greek Cure For What Ails You

hippocratesI’d like to talk ancient Greece this week (I promise I won’t be focusing solely on antiquity). I watched Hercules and Xena growing up and I was utterly fascinated with the models of ancient Greece and Rome they presented. Kick ass women! Lesbianism, or at least the appearance of it, totally accepted! There was even an episode where a transvestite won a beauty pageant.

Unfortunately, this was all fantasy. I was one betrayed-feeling little girl the day I found out. But the sad reality is ancient Greece was yet another culture where women were regarded as property and given little thought.

However, this didn’t stop those always-curious Greeks from coming up with theories and ideas about women and their bodies. Even that great father of medicine, Hippocrates, and his followers (who actually wrote the majority of the text accredited to him) explored and attempted to explain female phenomena in the Hippocratic Corpus. [Read more...]