When it Comes to Politics, Don’t Listen to Sex and the City

For many women, Sex and the City signifies the sexually adventurous and independent woman, one who does not take any crap and knows what she wants. For others, the show is the complete opposite of independence and instead showcases very materialistic women endlessly looking for the right man to marry while discussing shoes, drinks, and parties. Sex and the City falls in the same category as Madonna, you either love her or cannot stand her.

There is something so off putting about Sex and the City to me. The constant discussion of fashion and appearance, the neverending hunt for relationships, and the often shallow discussions of anything that is not fashion or relationships, along with Carrie’s constant shrieking (when she sees a mouse, when she looses a shoe, gets picked up by a man, encounters dogs, when it rains, basically all the time). Besides, how can all these women have so much money to spend when they actually never work? While browsing for anything good on TV I found an episode that depicted the women sitting around a table outside at a restaurant discussing politics and Carrie’s new politician boyfriend. Just before the lunch conversation, Carrie’s voiceover stated that she and her partner were compatible since he knows about politics and she knows about fashion, and both are very similar. During lunch, one of the women noted the irony of Carrie dating a politician, since she was not even registered to vote. Samantha then said that she would vote for whomever was the best-looking man running for office, or for president. Carrie’s voiceover said something like “Here we were, four girls talking politics.”

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Does Romney Have A(nother) New Stance on Abortion?

It should come as no surprise that Mitt Romney has once again changed his mind – and his stated position – on an election issue. Earlier this week, the formerly pro-choice, now anti-choice presidential candidate told the editorial board of the Des Moines Register that “[t]here’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda.” Romney did say, in the same interview, that he would reinstate the Mexico City Policy, which prohibits U.S. foreign aid being used for abortions.

Romney’s latest statement marks a significant change from the Republican politician’s earlier stances on abortion. During his unsuccessful 1994 Senate run against Ted Kennedy, Romney said he supported abortion rights; likewise, in his successful 2002 campaign for governor of Massachusetts, Romney flat-out said that he “will preserve and protect a woman’s right to choose.” Halfway through his term as governor, however, Romney flipped on the issue, and throughout this presidential campaign he has presented himself as strongly anti-choice, only supporting abortions in cases of rape, incest, or to protect the life of the woman.

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A Declaration of Love to the US, From a European Who Would Vote for Obama

I live in France, and I regularly witness anti-American sentiments. But I believe that the U.S. is worthy of admiration. I feel close to this country, as if it were a zeyde who would tell me, “I started with nothing not so long ago and look where I am today. Go, go on.” This Yiddish grandfather could tell me how people learnt from each other and, with all their dreams and joys, all their differences and fights, built a vast place and entered into the history as best as one can.

If I could vote in the U.S. presidential election, I would vote for Barack Obama. To me, he embodies the ethnic, religious, and cultural mix of so many other Americans. Obama also embodies tolerance; he has the courage and the merit to speak about a woman’s right to choose, even while 50% of the U.S. population identifies as anti-choice. I was moved the first time I saw a picture of Obama praying; I am not a Christian, but I am a believer who is the result of an interracial and interreligious (Muslim-Jewish) marriage. So I am personally touched by the (success) story of President Obama.

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GOP Candidates and Reproductive Rights

Since there are so many Republican presidential candidates and no clear frontrunner, it may be tempting to entertain the thought of supporting one of them. But before you vote for one of the GOP candidates, you should know where the candidates stand on reproductive justice. We know that all of the Republican candidates are anti-choice and oppose reproductive justice. However, since each candidate opposes reproductive rights in slightly different ways, I’ve have broken down where each currently stands.

Michele Bachmann
Abortion: Favors a repeal of Roe v. Wade.
Parental consent: Supports consent for underage individuals trying to have an abortion.
Planned Parenthood: Supports measures to defund the organization.
Embryonic stem cell research: Opposes any research.

Newt Gingrich
Abortion: Believes individuals should choose adoption over abortion;  would refuse funding for abortion providers.
Parental consent: Supports notification before an underage individual receives an abortion.
Planned Parenthood: Supports defunding the organization
Embryonic stem cell research: Opposes any research, because he believes embryos should be considered life. However, he has contradicted this position a few times.
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