Operation Rescue is Coming to Albuquerque

Operation Rescue is invading New Mexico. They have already sent their “truth truck” to the state, in an attempt to dissuade women from obtaining abortions, but they will also be opening a new office in Albuquerque in the near future. Operation Rescue has set their sights on Dr. Curtis Boyd at the Southwestern Women’s Options clinic in Albuquerque. Dr. Boyd offers late-term abortions, and Operation Rescue is claiming that Albuquerque is the new “abortion capitol,” now that Dr. Tiller’s clinic has closed as a result of his murder.

The NBC affiliate in Albuquerque has a pretty even-handed story about Operation Rescue and its ties to anti-abortion extremists like Scott Roeder and Cheryl Sullenger. They pointed out the connection between extremists like Scott Roeder and Cheryl Sullenger, despite Operation Rescue’s attempts to deny the link. OR President Troy Newman has repeatedly said that Operation Rescue is a “nonviolent” organization, but the overwhelming majority of the evidence indicates the opposite. Operation Rescue is anything but an nonviolent organization.

We will keep you posted about any protests, or opportunities for pro-choice advocates to get involved. If you have any info that you can share about upcoming actions, please leave us a comment.

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