Is Yaz Safe?

yazSwissmedic, the Swiss agency that is responsible for overseeing the safety of medications, is currently investigating the safety of the birth control method Yaz. The investigation was launched after a woman died from a pulmonary embolism that is believed to have been caused from taking Yaz.

The Swiss investigation comes at the same time as 74 different lawsuits that have been filed in the United States against Bayer Healthcare, the company that manufactures Yaz. According to the National Partnership for Women & Families:

These groups argue that the drugs put women at higher risk for strokes, blood clots and other health problems than some other oral contraceptives. Citing warning letters FDA sent to the company, plaintiffs’ attorneys contend that Bayer was aware or should have been aware of the problems. These new concerns could “rattle consumer confidence” and harm the drugs’ image as the “go-to brands for women under 35,” according to some industry analysts, the Times reports.

You might be aware of Yaz because of the prevalence of TV ads about the drug, which the FDA mandated Yaz run to warn consumers about the potential side effects of taking Yaz. Yaz and its sister drug Yasmin are the two largest selling contraceptive drugs worldwide, bringing in $1.86 billion for Bayer in the first quarter of this year. Bayer’s representatives have responded to the lawsuits by saying that the drug is as safe as any other form of birth control.

If you take Yaz, what has your experience been like?  If you’re a health care provider, what credence, if any, do you give to these lawsuits?  Do you feel that Yaz is safe?


  1. I’ve taken this drug for almost two years now without trouble. However, I take them because I have a hormonal condition and I was told explicitly when I moved up to a higher dosage pill (which Yaz is) and one with estrogen (like Yaz) that those risks would go up. Higher dosage=higher risk and that is the mindset I went in with. Hormonal birth control raises risks of certain problems and the higher dose, the greater risk(usually the same list of problems of lower doses just at greater rates). So, I think Yaz is as safe as any other high dose, estrogen containing birth control. However, it worries me to think that other women were placed on a high dose estrogen containing pill (many low dose only contain progesterone, not estrogen) without being informed of increased risk of side effects.

  2. Why should a woman use a new birth control pill that is more risky than an older version that has fewer risks? A study on Yaz that was funded by Bayer may have been manipulated by them to provide more favorable results. This type of behavior happens a lot.

    Also there has been some concern about the rise in potassium levels that Yaz seems to cause that may lead to heart attacks.

  3. I have been on Yaz for a year and I love it. I am almost 21 years old, and have had chronic and very painful cramps that put me out of school and work for two days at a time since I was 15. Yaz stopped this and stopped my wild emotional outrages that I believe were caused by Ortho Tri Cyclin because it started after I began to take TriNessa (the generic version of Ortho Tri). I know that Yaz can cause high potassium levels and my doctor watches out for that. All birth controls contain risks for women, it comes with the fact that we are born with this biology and the only real way to help with a lot of these problems is with hormones. I’ve switched birth control a handful of times and each had their terrible results and their awesome results. It just depends on each person what works out for them. If someone says in a commercial that if you take that medicine you could get a stroke, and then you get a stroke, does it really make sense that you should sue them? They say all of the warnings straight out like they have to. The U.S. is just full of a bunch of people unwilling to take responsibility for their own decisions- at least it definitely seems so in this case with Yaz.

    • Chel, your comment about U.S. people unwilling to take responsibility makes no sense what so ever….If the pill YAZ is causing problems in women and some problems as severe as far as death then you speak about it and go after these companies. Women don’t make up these conditions they suffered while on YAZ!!!! I myself have not taken the pill because I don’t trust any of these companies out there…..It may have helped you but it also has caused more damage than help in others!!

  4. I have been on Yaz for about 2 years now and I am confused. – love that it keeps me thin, but I am concerned with the side effects.Does anyone know of a pill that keeps you thin, especially in the tummy area and is safer?

  5. Linda Murphy says:

    I have been on YAZ for 4 yrs. I am 49 yrs. old. I went on it to control pre-menapausal symptoms. Since going off I have gained 5 lbs. and have severe night sweats EVERY night. I hate this. I can’t wait to go back on Yaz.

    • Linda,
      It maybe that you are starting to go through menopause. I came off the pill and decide to us the IUD which work great and has helped me go through menopause with no problem. I had the IUD for two years and just had it removed. Currently I am having no issues and I am in full menopause at age 50.
      Good Luck!!

  6. @ Liz & @ Sandy – those are really interesting points about the benefits of Yaz. Obviously this is something that you and your health care providers need to discuss.

  7. I have been on yasmine for 5yrs. (I’m 36) since having my 2nd child. I take it to control my mood, not for bc. This has been more effective than any anti-depressant for me because my depression is a hormone problem more than a seratonine problem. My doc recently switched me to yaz, which has 10mg. lower dose of estrogen than yasmine. Yasmine is a bit stronger 30 vs. 20, which I may need, but we are trying out the yaz because it will decrease risks to be on a smaller dose of estrogen. Most women as they age need more estrogen. I have my cholesterol tested regularly and try to eat well and exercise regularly. It makes sense to me that the risks are higher because of the higher estrogen levels. My body needs it, maybe some women are taking it that don’t need it. I’m not sure. I have been on so many other bc’s in the past that caused severe depression b/c the estrogen was so low or vice versa. This pill has been the perfect balance for me. I am a bit nervous about blood clots, but what can you do? Like any drug, it shouldn’t be haphazardly prescribed without doctor support. Good luck ladies!

  8. I was on Yaz for quite a while and I never thought that it made me gain weight. However, when I decided to switch to a pill with a lower dosage of hormones- I ended up losing four pounds! I didn’t change anything about my diet or exercise. But I thought it was interesting because a lot of people claimed that Yaz didn’t make them gain weight.

    Besides that… Yaz never seemed to be a horrible pill for me. Like one person commented, all of the side effects are stated and it is up to the individual to take the pill, and in doing so, taking responsibility for what may happen.

  9. I have been taking generic Yasmin for the last 8 months and have nothing but good things to say about it – made my periods regular and lighter, did not make me gain/lose weight, controlled my acne, reduced cramping and has helped with my mood too. I had earlier tried Ortho tri-cyclen for controlling acne and regularizing peiods, but it made me gain weight and I was always spotting. It didn’t do anything for my acne either.

  10. I’ve been taking Yaz for about two years now, and I think it’s wonderful. I’ve certainly never had any bad side effects, much less blood clots (they don’t mention if the women suffering from these are also smokers, which hugely elevates your risk; I know several who take Yaz or other b.c. and smoke, and it makes me crazy).

    I have had great positive changes, though. No more PMS, no more cramps, bigger breasts, and, of course, no babies.

    • Smoking is a personal choice, just like women choosing to take bc despite the risks associated with them. I hate it when women claim to support other women’s choices but then throw a fit about smoking. If you don’t smoke fine, but quit judging others for doing something that is perfectly legal.

      • SsS- I think Eva’s point was that you’re not supposed to take birth control pills at all if you smoke, because smoking while on the Pill greatly elevates the risk of side effects like blood clots. I read the comment not a judgement against everyone who smokes, but as frustration with friends who lied to their doctors about smoking to get a prescription for the Pill and put themselves at greater risk.

  11. I am a healthy, active 34-yr-old, never pregnant. I’ve tried all kinds of birth control, most of which had terrible side effects. I’m mostly on Yaz to keep me regular and periods light, but generally my skin is a lot better too, which I love. I’ve wondered if some people who have incidents with Yaz may be overweight, not exercise or have poor diet. I talked to my doctor, and she said risk of serious problems are higher than other pills, but still like 3 in 1,000. So as long as it works and doesn’t make me feel bad, I’ll stick with Yaz.

  12. I have taken Yaz for about two years and absolutely love it. It takes complete care of my acne, weight, crazy mood swings, and severe cramps. I heard about the problems and the lawsuits people were having, so I get checked by my doctor 1-2 times a year to check my potassium levels and other things. It has not affected me in any harmful way, and my OBGYN says that as long as I monitor this I can keep taking it as long as I need to. I am healthy, eat well, get enough exercise and don’t get sick often. I think that people without health care (or at least good health care) and people who have poor diets, are overweight, and have a lot of health problems already and/or smoke are at a bigger risk.

  13. I have been taking Yaz for seven months and it has truly been a miracle drug. My periods are lighter and shorter, my skin looks great, and I have gone up a cup size. But while all of those are great perks of taking this pill, BY FAR the most amazing benefit has been the adjustment to my mood. I have always suspected that my depression and anxiety is hormone-related, and as I got older (I’m 30), I began to notice small issues like acne along the jawline and chin, but most concerning was my mood swings and general increase in depression. Until I started Yaz I did not realize how bad it was. I no longer put things off until the last possible minute or find myself unable to accomplish the goals I set. I have more energy and positivity. I am not mired down by anxiety and agitation anymore. I find myself just feeling so GOOD, so content. It’s hard to describe, but it’s almost taking Yaz has flipped a switch, and there is a light in my life that was just not there before.

    I realize that this pill is not for everyone, but it has been amazingly life changing for me. I’ve tried several other types of BC including the patch, OrthoLo, NuvaRing, etc. and I experienced severe anxiety and depression with each. The only side effect I have noticed with Yaz is a headache during the placebo period that lasts about a day. But with increase in water intake and a few rounds of Excedrin, I’m perfectly able to deal with it. There is no question that its a trade-off I’m willing to accept.

    • Many thanks for posting here, it really does help to talk with others , I recently had to come off Yaz due to my Dr being concerned with migraines. I really wish he hadn’t! I know can say at 41 I know that my depression has/was always caused by hormones, I have been on Yaz for two years and have never felt more balanced, content at at ease, coming off really came close to ruining my marriage and damaging my relationships with my daughters, I am back on staying on!

  14. I have been on YAZ for about 3 years. I have never had a problem. It has controlled my horrible mood swings and painful periods. I am overweight but do not smoke. A few months ago I spoke to my obgyn about changing bc due to all the negative press about Yaz. I tried 3 other brands. One made me gain 1lbs in 9 days. The others did little to controll my moods. My doctor said she didn’t feel I was at increased risk and suggested I go back on Yaz. I couldn’t be happier. Also, she did mention that a lot of people having problems were either smokers of taking diet supplements.

  15. Sorry-just an edit to my previous post. The Trinessa made me gain 11 pounds in 9 days. Also, smokers and/or people taking diet supplements were having issues. And I realized I misspelled control. :)

  16. Just a quick warning to everyone that feels safe on YAZ – don’t. My 17 year old healthy daughter just suffered a stroke while taking YAZ. There were not any warning signs until it was too late! There was nothing else in her medical history that could have caused this. After a week in ICU, she is recovering. Don’t take the risk!

  17. allison says:

    I am going to get yaz tommorrow I have never been on a birth control pill before because I don’t want any weight gain or hormones but I have gained about 40 lbs in the last two years and my zoloft makes me so tired I thought what the heck I will try it. I have friends who say it made them feel great and lose weight I hope this is true! I need to feel good and have energy again! Let’s pray this is the answer I have been searching for!

  18. I’ve been on Yaz for about 8 months and I really dislike it. I feel it’s made my libido practically nonexistent and has actually made my periods more painful. Depo had a similar effect on me. I literally felt like my breasts were going to explode they hurt so badly. Never before had I needed to miss work, class, anything because of my cramps, but suddenly on these forms of birth control I found myself in too much pain to contemplate doing much of anything other than lying on the couch curled up with a heating pad and a steady dose of three tylenol every five hours. Unfortunately, the mini-pill isn’t an option for me as it’s virtually ineffective for a woman of my weight and Seasonique was only slightly better in terms of having a painful period. This is why I’m now looking into getting an IUD.

    • I took Yaz for about two weeks; it was one of the times of my life. During this time period my libido went from sex everyday to not being remotely interested. I also wanted to cry while causing vicious harm to others. Basically, I was a train wreck. About a month later I tried Sprintec. I took that one for two months before I broke down at breakfast one morning. I couldn’t stand the way that my mind body connection had become fuzzy. Before taking Sprintec I was completely in tune with my body, after two months, it was like I was living in someone elses body. No more hormones for me, I’m considering an IUD, though I’m not sure how to get one. My primary doctor basically steered me away from it when I brought it up, stating that she didn’t insert them, nor recommend them.

  19. freewomyn says:

    LibraryLady – that sucks. Check out our post about IUD’s. Most people have had positive feedback, although some have noted that is has made their periods heavier.

  20. I am 37 years old and have polycystic ovary syndrome. Because of this I have been on YAZ for seven years and am told I will be on it for the rest of my life. (I have an IUD for bc.) I have had no problems at all while taking it. I am so sorry, Tammie, about your daughter’s condition but after being in the medical field for 15+ years I have found that different people react differently to medications and there is no way to know ahead of time who will react badly. If you are not a smoker and have PCO, I would def. recommend trying YAZ. It completely clears up the terrible symptoms of facial hair growth, extreme acne, etc., though it has not stopped the weight gain. Good luck to all!

  21. I have been taking Yaz for 3 years and absolutely love it. It has really done everything everyone has mentioned in these posts.

    Recently though, sent me the generic brand (Gianvi) for the first time even though I did not ask for it.
    Does anyone know if it is as effective as YAZ? My 2 week moods swings are awful without it, and, of course, I have a critical month ahead of me. Any experiences would be great.
    Thank you!

    • Cvs also switched me to the generic Gianvi when it came out without my consent and I absolutely hated it. My mood drastically changed and my periods became longer, heavier and more painful. I kept taking it for a few months because I figured it would settle down and because the price was much better. I finally decided to get back on Yaz and every bad symptom subsided. Although I’ve been taking Yaz for about 5 years now without problems, recently my cramps have gotten out of control painful and my sex drive is basically non-existent. In the wake of all of these lawsuits I’m thinking about stopping Yaz, since I think my natural hormone levels are changing and interfering with the drug’s effectiveness (I started at 15 to control my cramps and I’m now 20 and out of puberty). I think the most important thing is to listen to your body- if you go on birth control and notice symptoms that worry you, it’s important to voice your concerns to a doctor.

  22. freewomyn says:

    That’s a really good question, Chris. Some people are speculating that Beyer introduced Natazia, its latest form of birth control, because Yaz and Yasmin are now available in generic form, and a new drug like Natazia will help Beyer retain control of the market. Check out the link to the NPR story in the article we did on Natazia last week.

    Generally speaking, generic meds are just as effective as the name brand. But I’m not a medical professional, so your best bet in terms of finding out the effectiveness of the generic brand is to call your pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist, or to call your local Planned Parenthood clinic and ask them.

  23. I have mixed feelings about YAZ.( I am 21 and I have been on YAZ for a month for acne treatment purpose)
    1) Acne got cleared up. True
    2) my Breast size has been enhance not too dramatically.
    3) However, I have been suffering a really painful heartburn everyday ever since I got the pills and yesterday when I was on the bus I thought I was having a heart attack and stroke at the same time. I do not spoke and I do try to take care of my health. But now I am so scared of the current motions my body is experiencing as the result of a tiny pill.

    • Go off Yaz immediately. Yaz gave me wonderful skin — but suddenly, out of nowhere after about 5 months, I had terrible stomach pain, chest pain, and panic attacks. I had never before had panic attacks and haven’t since. Yaz was giving me crazy hormonal surges and blurry vision.

      This was 3-4 years ago. my doctor didn’t believe me but if you google Yaz panic attacks you will find tons of women who experienced the same thing.

      I stopped the pill mid-month – and cried for no reason every day for a week after stopping Yaz because of the hormone withdrawal – and changed doctors. I have since spoken to several friends who had similar experiences.

  24. HXD, that sounds pretty serious – if it were me, I would go back to my doctor. As a disclaimer, I’m not giving medical advice. I’m simply suggested what I would do with my body. Best of luck!

  25. arsenic&oldLACE says:

    I took Yaz for several months. At the risk of sounding too dramatic, it literally made my life hell. I took it exactly as my doctor prescribed, to help with severe symptoms of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). Instead of helping with the PMDD, it exacerbated every single one of my PMDD symptoms. Anxiety and panic attacks became more frequent, and my mood swings were off the charts. I lost my job, started gaining weight uncontrollably, and nearly became suicidal.

    When I brought all of this up at my next doctor’s appointment I was told to give the Yaz more time to allow my body to adjust, and was written a prescription for Lorazepam, a low-dose benzodiazepine. More medication was not the answer I was looking for. The Benzos helped keep my anxiety down, but the synthetic hormone was raging out of control in my body. I developed a very aggressive attitude about life. I would yell at people, get terrible road rage (really uncommon for me), and had absolutely NO sexual desire. In fact, being touched by my wonderful husband kind of disgusted me.

    Finally, a nutritionist friend of mine shared with me her own personal experiences with Yaz, and how it had affected her similar to the way it was affecting me. That was enough for me. I quit without telling my doctor. I began to see a reproductive health expert who told me many women experience problems with oral/pill forms of birth control. She and I sat down and figured out that my body is likely very sensitive to synthetic hormones. Because pills are taken orally and must travel through the digestive tract, the hormone doses are higher than your body actually needs. She put me on a non-pill form birth control (not an IUD, patch, or Depo-shot), and finally found a form of birth control that worked for my body. The symptoms of PMDD have also subsided quite a lot, but that has been helped I’m sure through a change in my diet and exercise routine.

    I’m glad that Yaz works so well for so many women, and I wanted to share my story because I have heard many women struggle with this particular drug. Best of luck to you all. Talk with your doctors and learn (as we all must ) to listen to what your body is telling you that it needs. Much love. L

  26. I am in the same boat as Cat, I take birth control pills for hormone imbalances as well as to regulate my menstruation. However, I don’t take YAZ I take Loestrin 24. I am happy with it because my doctor gave me a low dosage and it has worked very well. Unlike Cat’s case she doesn’t feel that higher dosages are necassary. I think if you are just using it for balancing hormones and regulating your cycle I think there is no need to have a higher dosage, it may cause a lot of side affects. Unless you’re really tryng not to get pregnant. I personally feel the lower dosage is the best. Especially given the fact that YAZ has caused some fatal issues.

  27. I was on yaz for almost 2 months and I non stop bled and I’m now anemic and have had stroke symptoms I was told it was because of my type of migrane but MRIs never found anything maybe it was because of the pill seeing as I was only 14 I’m now 17 I don’t know if they have changed the pill at all but my friend has been on it for over a year and hasn’t had any problems except weight gain.

  28. I am 20 years old and started taking YAZ when I was 17. At first it made my period heavier and longer, but it regulated by the third month. I gained nearly 20 pounds after two months of taking the pill; however, it wasn’t that big of a deal since I worked out daily. The only real downside I have experienced was depression which later led to insomnia. A number of other female associates I knew reported the same side effect. I got off the pill and it still took my body a few months to get back to normal as far as my emotional state went. I am now considering birth control again, but have no idea which contraceptive I should take.

  29. freewomyn says:

    Hi Gabbie – this is a great question, since there are so many birth control options, and every woman’s body is different. Planned Parenthood has a great guide to all of the different BC options, and they ask you questions about your lifestyle to help you find the best fit for you.

    IUD’s are very popular, and we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on the site from readers who have done the IUD and absolutely love it.

    This post is an open thread where readers discuss what’s worked, and what hasn’t worked, for them.

    Please take this comment as sharing information, rather than medical advice. The best thing to do is talk to your doctor.

  30. I am freaking out about this drug!!!

    What is the truth? Is this a dangerous drug to be on???

    I have PMDD and endometriosis that were to be treated a year ago with yaz. I did not try it b/c of all of the scary info I have read/heard. Now my PMDD is over the top and endometriosis has progressed badly (now slated for endometrial and endometrioma cauterization via laparoscopic surgery). This has been my experience NOT taking Yaz. I really want to give it a shot but am so afraid to take it and die of a stroke!!!

    • Angela, you really need to talk to your doctor about the different birth control options. Give them a complete medical history. Every body is different.

  31. I’ve been on Yaz now for almost three months. I’m 25 and in good physical condition and quit smoking about a year ago. (not very long but was really hard to quit) So anyway, the first month was absolute HELL. I really can’t describe it any other way. I cried every day. My skin broke out and my sex drive plummeted. My food preferences even changed. I thought I was pregnant because I love love mushrooms and after starting the pill the taste was revolting (they were a huge part of my diet as a vegetarian) and literally made me gag. I was an emotional reck and my boobs hurt so so so bad sometimes! Obviously, I almost quit taking them but decided to give it the 3months it ‘supposedly’ takes for the body to adjust.


    About a month and a half into taking them my mood leveled out, skin cleared up, mushrooms became appetizing, the tears tapered off and even though my boobs still ache from time to time but its tolerable My sex drive still needs a little jump start sometimes but once I get going I have no trouble getting into it. I’ve also noticed about a 5lb weight loss that makes no sense but is fine with me as I’m otherwise healthy.
    Hopefully the perks will continue to grow but if anything changes I’ll update (as should everyone) this website ROCKS! All this drama around Yaz has me nervous!!

    • CB, thanks for sharing your experience with us. I’m glad that your experience with Yaz has gotten better. Congrats on quitting smoking! I know how difficult that can be.

  32. Has anyone taken Yaz or its generic equivalent to combat night sweats? If so, how long before you noticed improvement in your night sweat situation? Thanks!

  33. Stephanie says:

    So I’m here doing my research on Yaz, as my OB/GYN called today after a slew of various tests because of weight gain, mood swings, fatigue and very irregular periods in the past year as I approached 40. She has concluded that the best thing for me is to go back on a mixed birth control pill— I took a progesterone only pill for the past few months, but it didn’t regulate things. I have refused to take birth control for the past 10 years despite having endometriosis because of the associated risks. I’m a speech pathologist and have worked with one too many young female patients with strokes that were likely from the pill (read about cerebral venous sinus thrombosis). I’m overweight, but physically active and completely healthy otherwise. I just don’t know if this is the right thing to do. It took my doctor a loooong time just to get me to take Zoloft to chill out, I’m just not on board with putting stuff in body that has such risks. I’ll keep reading what others have to say here. Still up in the air……..

    • Stephanie, I definitely respect your cautious attitude towards taking any type of medication. Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor questions – make a list on paper and read off the list if you have to. There is also a great guide at called My Method that helps you find the best birth control method for your lifestyle. Good luck!

    • Sounds like something is off with your body… you’re overweight but active and perfectly healthy? That cannot be. To me it sounds like your body’s trying to tell you something. Keep searching, I suggest examining a more holistic approach?

  34. I’m a healthy 23 yo, taking Yaz for over 4 years now. My body loves this drug. No side effects except positive ones! It cleared my skin, stabilizes my mood, lightens period, etc. etc. Seriously I’ve noticed nothing negative at all! What everyone’s freaking out about I DON’T KNOW but… everyone reacts differently I guess :\

  35. My gynae recommended Yaz to me about 3 years ago and i’ve been grateful. My period is now regulated, no more discomfort, improved my sex life. Have tried other pills but with bad effects like migraines. This is the best one. Dont think i’ll stop it.

  36. I took Yaz for about 3 years and I loved it. Before that, I had been on Ortho-Tricyclen Lo and it was awful. It made me a crazy person and I gained about 15 pounds (although I wouldn’t attribute all of that to OTL). I’d be on it now if I wasn’t still breastfeeding! I had to start Camila after the birth of my son and I haven’t lost any of my baby weight yet…and I’ll be interested to see if going off Camila helps whenever he weans.

  37. ive been to yaz for 2 weeks now,our family has a history of strokes and heart attacks,now im very much worried regarding,what i have heard and seen through YOU TUBE ,about all of the pills complication,side effects,my OB prescribe this to me because i have adenomyosis,i ve had an irregular heart beat,@ sometimes when i sleep,i had nightmares,& i couldnt breathe,is this a signs of stroke?pls help me if i will change my medication or my ob-gyne for prescribing me YAZ pills… thanks..( ps.. im an asian ) tina

  38. My 18 year old, healthy, athletic daughter went on Yaz in February 2010. When we talked about her going on the pill she told me that this new birth control pill she heard about would clear up her skin, regulate her period and give her pregnancy protection. It sounded almost too good to be true.

    After one week on Yaz she texted me (she was away at University) in the middle of the night that her back was hurting so bad she couldn’t sleep. I told her to go see a doctor because it came on so suddenly. She did see a doctor at a walk in clinic who told her it was probably a pulled muscle. In the next two weeks she experienced trouble breathing when going up stairs. Her friends commented that she was the athlete, what was up?

    On March 3, 2010 she texted me and said she had just gone to give blood and they wouldn’t let her give because her blood sample showed her Iron levels were very low. I called her right away and told her she must go to a doctor because there should be no reason her iron should be low. She said she would go on the weekend when she could get a break from classes.

    On March 5, 2010, she was working out in the University gym. Witnesses say she finished her workout, did some stretches and then got up to leave. She fell backwards into another student and then fell to the floor. Despite the efforts of the gym staff and the use of the onsite defibrillator, paramedics and ER staff she was non revivable. When we received the call we were told there was nothing that could be done.

    Upon autopsy it was shown that her lungs were filled with blood clots. The only thing in her system was the birth control pill Yaz, no drugs, alcohol or even over the counter medications.

    Unfortunately this is not an isolated case here in Canada. I have heard from other parents who have lost their daughters and Yaz was the only drug in their systems.

    I urge those women who are on Yaz to consult their physicians and ask to go on an older safer birth control pill. I don’t want any other parent to have to live through the horror of losing a child.

    • Dear B. Mac, OMG I am soo sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing, because my teen was just prescribed the YAZ pill and to honest until I read your story I was willing to let her try it. Now she will not be using that drug. I will find something safer. I know side affects do not effect everyone, but your story put me straight. Thank you again for sharing your story, and trying to save lives. May your daughter be always at peace.

  39. hello i just want to know if yaz is safe after the 7 days of taking pill?and During every first pill on new pack is it always need to use extra contraception method to be safe?thank you

  40. since taking yaz 6 months ago i have not had my period… and i’m scared about hearing the warnings about having stokes.

  41. I speak to women on a daily basis about the horrors of their complications with Yaz, vaginal mesh and Mirena IUD at the and i will tell you there are so many drugs and medical devices harming women it is incredible. Yaz causes many side effects including blood clots, strokes and gall bladder problems. Bayer has just settled for Yaz and the FDA has changed the warning on the label. This is a serious drug with serious side effects. Our has many articles about yaz with yaz lawyers accepting clients. If you would like to speak to a medical social worker about yaz call us at 1 877 522-2123

  42. has just launched a yaz helpline for women with complications from yaz
    The side effects are stroke, blood clots, Pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis or even death. Ladies the lawsuits have started a Bayer has agreed to settlements. Do not miss this window of opportunity. We must get justice. Bayer has allowed over 200,000 for the first 500 cases. If you are a victim of Yaz call us
    1877 522 2123

  43. so, i started up on Yaz, when i was 15. got taken off of it. in 2008. and got put on Ocella, then a few months later they changed me to a generic brand.. i noticed that since i started the new b/c my libido level has been LOW. or what ever you call it. and hormones were outta whack and was never in the “Mood”to do sexual things. . so recently. i went to my primary care doctor. and decided to get taken off of the generic brand of Ocella. …. he put me on Yaz.. Now that i think about it. when i was on Yaz before my sex drive was normal. and acne was under control. then when they switched me. my sex drive was low. hormones were super low. .. [repeated my self sorry] but anyways. i just started today on Yaz. and i see non stop commercials. about how Yaz is bad blah blah blah.. which every kind of b.c out there is gonna cause something. if you just sit on your butt. and do nothing specially smokers. i do neither. but that being said. …. i still worry.. i felt fine when i was on it before. i hope it makes my hormone level get back to normal. but doesn’t mean in the back on my mind. I’m like should i just stay on it anyways.? or should i talk to my doc. about something else ? it just so much trouble. to make appointments specially on post.. and hubby using car for work. … so it hard to constantly make appointments….. ??

  44. I’m 40 years old. I took Yaz for 4 years to help with severe acne. My skin cleared up in months. I gained 15 pounds and that was great because I was well under weight. My sex drive in nonexistent. Thank goodness I have a understanding husband. I’m not a smoker. I drink a glass of wine every weekend. I don’t exercise.

    I was recently told that I have A-Fib which is irregular heart beats. Last December I woke up at 2AM because it felt like my heart was going to come up my throat. That episode lasted for 10 hours. I wore a heart monitor for a week after that and had no more episodes. Two months ago I stopped taking Yaz simply because I got tired of taking a pill daily. A few weeks ago the A-Fib started again. Two or three times a day I have a heart palpitation. The cardiologist prescribed a beta blocker that’s not helping. After reading this blog I’m wondering if years of taking Yaz has caused my heart problems. Yaz is known for causing high potassium levels which can give you irregular heart beats. I should have my potassium checked.

    Needless to say that I don’t plan on taking Yaz again!!! I think that any doctor that prescribes Yaz should monitor your potassium levels. I can’t believe my cardiologist knows that I was on Yaz and didn’t connect the dots. I’m grateful for blogs like this. We have to do our own research and not depend on doctors!

    Ladies that are not having issues I want to warn that A-Fib is known to be silent. You can have irregular heat beats and not know it. A-Fib causes blot clots which can give you a stroke. Be careful! Someone on this blog mentioned that her daughter had a stroke. Yaz may have been the cause.

  45. No, Yaz is not safe…

    I had a stroke in July of 2008 after only taking yaz for only 3 months. I ended up passing out on my hallway floor for about 1.5 hours until my Mother-in-Law came in and saw me. I had no prior symptoms at all except I did have a migrane headache the weekend before, not big deal. At the time of my stroke I had a 5 year old little boy and an 8 year old little boy, and now my youngest has PTSD and My husband and I are trying to deal with that.

    Thank goodness I was young enough to get back on track, don’t get me wrong, I am still working on getting better after four years and it’s been tough. Needless to say, to all you young women looking into birth control, don’t use yaz…it’s bad news.

  46. Yaz is definitely not safe. Take a look at the information at It looks like a United States website run by lawyers.

    I’d say if you have one of the side-effects listed under the Yaz yasmin or any of the variations, it’s worth reading that website and submitting your info.

    Same goes for many other drugs like Paxil, Zoloft, Levaquin, and so on.

  47. Blackrose says:

    Hey everyone, I am 29yrs old, African from South Africa. I have been on Yasmine before, during 2009 and 2010. My weight was fine, skin okay too, not too much bad effects at all. I left Yaz because I came out of a medical aid scheme so I couldn’t pay for it. The whole of 2011 I didn’t take any BC and I gained a whooping 6 kg’s. I started on Triphasils Jan 2012 to April 2012 and exercising on and off and i lost 4kg’s. Now I’ve gained a 2 kg’s without taking any BCs, jogging twice a week and watching what I eat. My doc put me on YAZ now because of my iron deficiency and need to maintain weight loss.

    The doctor promised me it is safe to use and checkup are due every 6 months.

    Any advice will be appreciated.

  48. I’ve been taking yaz since I was 16 (I’m 23 now) and it has always been a positive experience. I no longer have ovarian cysts, my skin is pretty much always clear, I don’t cramp nearly as bad, and my periods are shorter and more predictable. I do worry about the bad press that yaz has gotten, but I’ve heard so many horror stories about trying different pills that I’m afraid to change it!

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