Pro-Choice News Roundup

Arizona House OKs bill banning abortions after 20 weeks. USA Today.

Planned Parenthood sue after Texas excludes group from state’s women’s health program. Washington Post.

Ashley Judd Writes a Kickass Feminist Essay About Her Puffy Face. Jezebel.

Susan B. Anthony List Endorses Romney, Proving Itself to be Just a GOP Front Group. RH Reality Check.

Hilary Clinton & Michelle Obama Are America’s Most Popular Politicians. Politicus USA.

Pro-Choice News Roundup

The Real Impact of a 20-Week Abortion Ban. Feministing.

Mississippi Abortion Ban May Force State’s Only Clinic to Close. Huffington Post

Anti-Abortion Grandpa Facing Lawsuit.

Adrienne Rich, Poet of Change. The American Prospect.

Explosion at Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin. MSNBC.



Pro-choice news roundup

Adrienne Rich, renowned feminist poet, dies. Mercury

Oklahoma court strikes down ultra sound abortion law. Associated Press.

10 Jewish Women Who Left Their Mark on History. Washington Jewish Weekly.

Women’s History Month: 7 Black Business Leaders Who Were Also Girl Scouts. Black Enterprise.

Idaho Won’t Require Ultra-sound Before Abortion. Bloomberg Business Week.

Arizona Senate Approves Anti-Abortion Bill. AZ Republic.

Pro-choice News Roundup

Occupying the Waiting Room: 40 Years of Healthcare Needs. On the Issues.

Arizona GOP Legislator Says Women Should Witness Abortions. Huffington Post.

Idaho Lawmaker Sparks Anger with Abortion Comments.

Anias Nin, Diary Writing, and Women’s History Month. Huffington Post.

5 Reasons the GOP’s Attack on Birth Control Screws Men. Alternet.




Pro-choice News Roundup

Facts behind Doonesbury abortion comic strip no laughing matter.

Seven Feminists you Should Learn about this Women’s History Month. Independent Florida Alligator.

UK abortion clinic says patients are being intimidated by US-based group. Washington Post.

Argentine court decriminalizes abortion in rape cases. BBC.

Have you hugged your male feminist today? Denver Westworld.

Women’s History Month: Closing the Ambition Gap. By Marlo Thomas. Huffington Post.

“Feminazi”: The History of Limbaugh’s Slur Against Women. Media Matters.

News Roundup: Women’s History Month

Department of Veteran’s Affairs Celebrates Women’s History Month. Wall Street Journal.

Uncovering the History of Ojibwe Women. Indian Country.

Making a Difference: The World of Giving–Women’s History Month. Huffington Post.

Women’s History Month: 5 Simple Ways to Inspire Young Women. Care2.

100 Years of California Women’s Suffrage. Napa Valley Register.

In International Women’s Day, Lets Celebrate our Success, not Dismantle It. RH Reality Check.

Pro-Choice News Roundup

2012 National Women’s History Project Theme: Women’s Education–Women’s Empowerment. NWHP.

House Proposes Vote on Abortion Ultrasound Bill.

Catholic Midwives Lose Abortion “conscientious objector” case. BBC.

Women’s History Month: Celebrate by Strengthening Women’s Financial Futures. Huffington Post

Pro-Choice News Roundup

Abortion Wars: The REAL People Behind the Restrictions. RH Reality Check.

France Drops “Mademoiselle” Officially. New York Times.

VA Considering New Abortion Bill After More Controversial Bill is Pulled. Kaiser Health News.

Arizona GOP debate audience boos birth control. Feministing.

Pro-Choice News Roundup

Contraceptive Hearing Gets Ugly. CNN.

South Dakota Tried to Make a Bad Abortion Law Worse. Care2.

Virgina Ultrasound Bill: Republican Lawmaker Calls Abortion “Lifestyle Convenience.” Huffington Post.

Orrin Hatch claims abortion is “95 Percent” of what Planned Parenthood Does. Daily Kos.

Washington House OKs bill trying abortion with maternity care. Seattle PI.

Pro-choice news roundup

What Americans Think of Abortion. New York Times.

A Feminist’s Perspective on Valentine’s Day. Seattle PI.

The Women in Black History. The Madison Times.

Online Feminism’s Big Win Against Komen for the Cure. The Nation.

Abortion Is Not Like Rape. The Harvard Crimson.

Falling Between the Cracks: Why Abortion Funds Exists and How you Can Help Them Help Women. RH Reality Check.