Action Alert: Strike Out Rape Culture, NYC!

There’s nothing to pull me out from my maternity break like a little rape culture. Check out this gem I found on NOW-NYC’s Not Cool Tumblr:


This Bowlmor Lanes advertisement is currently posted throughout New York City subways and reads, “Getting jumped in an alley has never been this much fun.”

Really?! Not that it needs to be said, but ENOUGH WITH THE RAPE CULTURE, ALREADY! And frankly, not only is it offensive as a woman and a rape survivor, it’s offensive as a consumer. Do the asshats at Bowlmor think so little of New Yorkers that they believe this rape-y campaign will draw us to their over-priced lanes like moths to a flame?

Bowlmor Lanes and NYC’s Metro Transit Authority (MTA) need to hear from us. They need to know that perpetuating rape culture and making light of sexual assault is unacceptable. Take action! Tell the MTA to remove the ad and call out Bowlmor CEO Tom Shannon on this disgrace:, 212-777-2214.


This post originally appeared on sherights. Cross-posted with permission.


  1. UPDATE: Bowlmor CEO Tom Shannon responded to NOW-NYC’s outrage over the ad with insults and laughter. I quote:

    “Our ad has nothing to do with rape and no reasonable person could interpret it in that way. No woman in this city of 15 million people has registered any problem with the ad except for the leadership of your organization. The ad is humorous and flirtatious and was conceptualized and written by two young women to whom it never occurred that the ad could be interpreted in such a twisted way.”

    “NOW’s position on this is extreme and laughable…”

    • Wow, so any person that happens to feel that the ad is indicative of rape culture is unreasonable. It would not surprise me if Tom Shannon says that the women reacting to the ad are hysterical, or suffering from “wandering womb”. “The ad is humorous and flirtatious”….Really? I wonder if getting jumped in an alley would constitute legitimate rape?

    • That’s the entire reason for the joke, how can they say it’s unreasonable to come to that conclusion.

  2. He’s playing on the old and tired view of women as unreasonable. That excuse is used all the time to make a fool out of women who object and speak out. Also, just because the ad was created by two women doesn’t mean it’s not rape culture. If “getting jumped in an alley” does not refer to rape, than what does it refer to? I’d like to know, but I’m sure he won’t be able to answer that question.

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