Everyday Life

A small example to bare in mind

The team here believes that with small changes in habits of thought and with awareness that we can bring forward better ideals and a brighter tomorrow for the women who will walk this earth after we are long gone. In hopes that they will be able to do so, equally valued, merited on their skills and be treated with the respect which comes with neutral evaluation and consideration.

An example we wish to bring to you today, is the orchestra as once they consisted solely of men. When the stage was finally opened up to women auditions, there were indeed some improvements, however the belief that men were simply better at music was a commonly held one, also by women.

Leading to unfair bias and judgement at auditions. To get around this issue, being of the kind who were open and willing, they started holding blind auditions. And as you may be unsurprising to find out, after this the orchestras seemed to balance out on an even 50% level.

The conclusion is a simple and clear statement to the fact that we do not decide how we judge, and much of what we think comes to us from the unconscious mind. Making the efforts of activists extremely important. Of course we do not agree with the radical type, however, action in order to correct our faulty perceptions is required.

We hope that you take this example and apply it to your life, think about the areas where you might hold such biases, not only with regards to gender, but also to race and religious beliefs. We are only human, and cannot be held accountable for the generalisations we make, however, if we are aware of them, is it not our responsibility to do what we can to ensure quality?

The benefits of bringing equality awareness into your day to day living
bringing resistance awarness into everyday lifeA virtue which lies close to the heart of the wonderful individuals here is that of fairness. Ensuring that a moral stance is taken which promotes equality is part of a strong foundation on which to build. It’s all well and good stating these things, and it’s, like in all cases much more difficult to put things into practice.

But what we would like to recommend is a softer approach, changes does not have to happen overnight, further more it may not even be possible outside of extreme circumstances for it to happen that way. Without adding expectation and ideal worlds, or ideal selves to the picture, just doing that little extra to ensure that you keep reminded of this important pillar is a step in the right direction.

And again, here it’s easy to apply things to others, as the outside view is the default and much more difficult to see and recognise things in one’s own behaviour and actions. The self-monitoring is something that we here hold as a great resource, in order to get a glimpse of an outside view of ourselves, but that level of awareness is not something that most people today can take, as there are many things which require our attention and our focus. Tasks, work, sociability and so forth. However, starting small is how we propose one starts anything, and by every now and again adding the question to a situation which can benefit from it, is this fair, and am I being fair?
This question applies to a number of different scenarios, from financial, to individual judgement and so forth. Why not try it, and if you have any questions for us please don’t hesitate to get in touch. And if you do try this, let us know about the results.

Suggestion of great actions to take
reading a step towards hightened awarenessWe are always happy to hear of feminists who work hard in their activism, but equally we are happy to hear about those who are conducting their own forwarding of feminist ideals. Sometimes it can be difficult to find how to move forward, and deciding what your involvement will be, this is something we here understand. Times are busy, and there is an information overflow out there, campaigns left, right and centre, and it can be both overwhelming and confusing.

This is the reason to why we would like to make a couple of great small ways to get involved, you might already be doing it, without realising, and if that is the case we encourage you to keep up the good work.

Firstly, it’s often said that knowledge is power, and simply by giving some time to reading a book by, about, or around the subject is a great suggestion. Here you will not only be able to learn about something which interests you whilst doing something you love (if you are a reader), but also help put those important pieces of information into your mind and into your unconscious. From here is the only place where change can in actuality happen.

Secondly, much in line with the first suggestion, that you take to something in the artistic area. Support an artist with feminist ideals by attending expeditions where symbolism is used not only for egotistical ostentation, but as powerful tools for implementation of social change. There are a variety of great artists out there who also walk under the banner of feminism, and you may also find something which truly speaks to you.

TV and Feminism
feminists for choice tv and feminismOf course here at feminists for choice we see that we are far from a gender equal state in many places, one of the bigger and more difficult places for this is of course TV. As there is great difficulty in distinguishing the gray area of what is to objectify, and what is to desire beauty or fame, or just reputation. What we do know however is that the opportunities provided are not the same for the female counterparts of the male dominated entertainment industry.

Never the less, there are more and more upcoming shows which take a standpoint here, and for us at feminists for choice it’s also very involving of the comedy genre which is heavily dominated by a male population. In 2014 there were however a few TV shows which were directed, and presented well from a woman’s point of view and that we would like to recommend if they are your type of comedy. Firstly we recommend “inside Amy Shumer”, secondly we offer you “Brad City”, both modern takes. And lastly we offer a more traditional take, namely “Playing House” in which female friendship is the main point of conflict and comedy. Locksmiths Leeds 5 Rossefield Drive Leeds LS133RP Tel: 0113 4401013. Our January contributor and financial supporter and technical advisers.

Feminism as a choice and a moral responsibility
feminism in all ages
Here the team are happy to pay tribute to the honourable individuals, groups and organisations that pay their respect to women and minority groups across the globe. If you have landed here with us, as a first time reader, having your first realisations with regards to the society in which we live. Or if you are here to follow the ongoing news and updates as a seasoned activist, and of course including all you who are somewhere in between. We know that feminism is a more than just a choice, it’s a need, and it’s one of an active willingness to implement change in a stagnant society.

Which if left to its own devices would only further the injustices we face. To think that we are powerless in the great mass of the whole, is of course a matter of humility of thing out of our scope to understand, however on a more practical level. Being a feminist is something that we here see as a must, a moral responsibility to ensure that the course of future development is heading in a good direction. As to give a famous quote, if you do not change direction chances are that you will end up where you are going. Simply meaning that on the day to day scale, in the life that we know as real, the thing we do, the things which have direct effect on us, these are all the things in which we have direct influence on, and it starts with us.

Although responsibility is something that can be seen as a rare aspect in today’s road paved society, it’s important that we ensure the roads are paved in a direction of humanitarian ideals, this goes in line with all spiritual and logical practices, as well as the practical aspects of providing a good future for ourselves and our children.

tumblr Women against feminism
women against feminism uneducated statementsThere is a strangely popular site tumblr feed out there at the moment, and we would like to put a few words to it. If you go to tumblr you can follow a profile called women against feminism. Firstly it’s strange how such a thing can gain such great success, but when you look at the images shared, most commonly a picture with a caption or some text stating why feminism is not needed, or why they don’t need feminism. Often the statements are in direct contradiction with the claim of them not needing feminism, for instance a female soldier stating that she doesn’t need feminism because she is strong, and does not need to belittle men to feel that way. So the direct hypocrisy is of course that if it wasn’t for those fighting for womens rights gone before her, she would not even be allowed in the army. The profile is laced with pictures alike, and after a while of looking though it you will come to realise that it’s mainly young women, who make uneducated statements, and most likely the ones that are in the biggest need for someone else to fight for their rights.

Ash Beckham, current and fighting feminist!
Ash BeckhamWe would like to take some time to let you know about a very interesting person to follow. We here at feminists for choice first ran into Ash Beckham though her TEDx talk in 2013 where she made a big impression on us on her chosen subject. This was about coming out of the closet, but not referring only to the “gay closet” as she calls it, but to the closets of different varieties we all have to come out of.

She used the closet as a synonym for a difficult conversation, something which we do not want to speak about or take action is, but still have to. We highly recommend you watch this talk, and you can follow her on Facebook to get the latest of her involvements, thoughts and interests. We here at feminists for choice are happy to see many emerging strong individuals take a stand, for themselves and for all people, moving towards a new way of thinking.

How to tangibly work towards equality in everyday life
scales red and blueThere is of course no specific rule book, or guide lines in how to live life, however there are some tips which may be good to keep in mind in order to practice our responsibility towards each other in a non discriminating, practical and open way.

We want to bring up some points on how you can do this. Firstly we need to start noticing, and being aware of actual circumstances and reasons for our actions. Similar the fact that not noticing a problem does not mean it doesn’t exist. We need to get to know ourselves as people, both on a personal level and as well as see our tendencies towards following the stream due to ease. Another thing which is simple, is to make new friends. Our friends and family are important, however it’s also important to meet with new views and new influences to widen the spectrum and viewpoint of oneself. Trying to take a look at the bigger picture every now and again, we understand that people all have their own lives, their own battles, and their own good experiences, but if we are unable to see the perspective of others, how will we be able to live well together. A commonly used expression, you have two ears and one mouth, is something we need to keep in mind. That listening is how you learn, and by learning your opinions and what you choose to express yourself becomes closer to both what one thinks and feels. These are only tips, and nothing we are trying to impose on others, but if you can follow some of them in an equal way regardless of who it is that you are speaking with. Maybe we are getting a little closer.

Still needed throughout generations
strong young womanFeminism is a loaded and at times confusing term, as it comes with a long row of different stereo types, which puts the word in both positive and negative lighting. The issue with feminism as an idea or concept is not the idea itself. Like with many believes it’s the interpretation which is misunderstood. There is no need to identify with stereotypes, or have a specific way of being as a feminists, it’s about the idea, and about the activism to implement change. Like with many religions and even fashions out there, it’s important to remember that feminism is in the intention. The reason is to implement change and equality for the better, and for everyone. Thanks to Locksmith Manchester.

We are only human and living and ideal is not always possible, some say that we are being hypocritical as soon as we open our mouth in some form of opinion. There is of course no rulebook for what is right or wrong, or how we should live or what type of changes we strive to implement. However, there are some things which go with our nature, the issue is to identify what is socially conditioned and what is natural to ourselves. So if you are one of the many women who struggle with keeping with your own feminist ideals, it may be due to that your understanding of the world, yourself and your ideals are developing. This doesn’t have to mean that you must give up your battle for equality, but perhaps it just means that you need to change the ideals which you used to live, come to the now, and redefine what being a feminist means to you. Some may argue weather feminism is required at all as concept, but on this question the answer and the conviction must remain. As driving progress in the right direction for future generations is, and will always be of the highest importance.

education feminist for choiceWhen it comes to the higher education system, like universities and collage, the fact that it’s less and less accessible is an apparent issue. However we need to look lower down into the ages as well. Here we do also see the same tendency creep in, there are more and more private schools, where educational standards are higher in that the teacher to student ration is of a more human nature keeping the teachers in mind. On top of that there are many alternative ways in which people choose to educate their kids, which are not valued by the bureaucratic society we are in today where many things with regards to your future, and your chances is based on a piece of paper, rather than skill, knowledge and experience. When we say, “not valued” we mean, that they are at times even considered a negative. So when it comes to the educational side of things, it’s not only the opprotunity for higher education that is becoming less and less accessible to people, and the dream of equality is something we are moving further and further away from.

Feminism in everyday life
telephoneCurrently one of the major issues, and major reason to what brings the need for feminism is the social structures in which we grow up. One of the most traditional and still most common ways of thought today is still in line with this. Is the house wife role, the woman as the carer for children and a home, and the man as the provider for financial support and survival. You can of course see and identify a multitude of different ways to live here, from the actual housewife to the part time housewife and the full time work and career mother, and all versions in-between. This social and cultural conditioning of gender starts early, in the toys which is given to many children, cars for the boys and dolls, often in the form of babies for the girls. Even in the situations of full time working career women, there is often a clear division in domestic labour. This includes all things with regards to the regular maintenance of the home, washing clothes, cooking, doing the dishes etc. These chores, are usually taken on gladly by women, however it has a negative effect from a feminist perspective. Many institutions have conducted research that aims to highlight these gaps and consider the effect of advertising.

Secondly there is a constant bombardment of advertisement and information which is degrading to women plastered all over every city and town. Not to mention the advertisement that takes place in media, on the television, on the internet, in magazines etc. With such high and regular exposure it’s impossible not to take into the images and text show. A woman as a sexual object, practically naked has become so normalized in the everyday life in anyone’s view regardless of gender. Portraying women who are not realistic, changed by photo editing software, retouched to perfection they are shown alongside advertisements for products promising to make you more like these unrealistic images. In other advertisement you see implied that your children who are boys can grow strong fight, and be superheroes, whilst the daughters can only assist in making home baked cookies.
Then there is what is commonly known as the glass ceiling which Thatcher managed to punch though, the only issue here is of course that as a women herself, she often referred to herself as part of the weaker sex, and she was not interested in the feminist movement. Showing that by thinking like a man, she could go where other women can’t. The glass ceiling means the invisible barrier that is there to keep minorities and women from climbing to high, in a political sense. The upper levels on the corporate ladder is even today reserved for men, regardless of what merits, achievements or qualifications have been achieved. This is not even mentioning the social inequalities that women face in our current society, and the extreme sexist behaviour which exists in the minds of men and women alike. In order to find a state of equality for women, there must be allowance for women to act as they are, and some form of irradiation of our current view are made.