Women’s History Roundup: The Margaret Sanger Edition

How could we celebrate Women’s History Month without a discussion of Margaret Sanger, the founder of the birth control movement and the organization that became Planned Parenthood? Here’s a roundup of all the articles we’ve done on Margaret Sanger. If you’ve got others you’d like to share, please post the links in the comments section. THANKS!

Margaret Sanger Fun Facts – Feminists for Choice
Was Margaret Sanger a Racist? – Feminists for Choice
Margaret Sanger Slept Here – Feminists for Choice
The Sanger-Keller Connection – Feminists for Choice
Leadership Lessons from Margaret Sanger – Feminists for Choice
Remembering Margaret Sanger – Feminists for Choice

For a collection of articles about Margaret Sanger’s life in Tucson, visit the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona blog. And for more in-depth coverage of Sanger’s life, visit the Margaret Sanger Papers Project.

Don’t forget to check out this open thread from Feministe to see what others are saying about Margaret Sanger.

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