Political Science: Plan B and the Implantation Debate

Want to know how effective a bully the anti-abortion lobby is these days? When it comes to labeling emergency contraception pills, the Italian equivalent of the FDA–yes, that Italy, home to the Pope and umpteen Catholics, where, in contrast to the U.S., it actually is illegal to use contraceptives that prevent implantation of a fertilized egg–is less timid. The Italians have accepted evidence the F.D.A has been reluctant to place on emergency contraception for years, even though there appears to be little doubt about its validity.

This week the New York Times reported that there is ample scientific evidence proving that emergency contraception such as Plan B and its generic equivalents does not prevent the implantation of a fertilized egg. It delays ovulation, which means it prevents the egg from meeting that sperm altogether. This of course negates the argument abortion opponents use to attack the medication, but why let a little truth get in the way of a good story about bad scientists and the bad women who love them?

The Times’ investigation shamed one federal health agency into admitting the truth: [Read more...]

The Smartwoman’s Guide to Anger Management

I joke a lot here about using my anger for good. Not just because I wonder whether I’ll ever step the whole way out of my younger, nicer, good girl’s shadow–though I do. But because for all the badass transgressive pleasure I’ve had sloshing around in the metaphorical mud–I can build a head of steam, spit nails and boil my blood with the best of them–it’s pretty damn exhausting. Is it an adrenalin thing? Bad stress management? Beats me. The bottom line is I don’t want to spend any more time with myself when I’m angry than I have to.

This is a problem when you like to write about things that matter to you.

So you haven’t seen my posts about the four OB-GYNs in Congress whose unofficial leader proudly proclaimed themselves, ”Southern, conservative, and pro-life. Loudmouthed and red-necked is also a good way to describe us.” Yes, it is lovely that they’ve delivered thousands of babies, and yes, Phil Roe does admit that most OB-GYNs advocate the use of birth control, and yes, it is probably wrong-headed to assume that they are either lying or doing a heck of a job of ignoring their patients’ feelings if they’ve never ever come across a case where they felt their beliefs about abortion challenged fundamentally. But still … Seriously??? Not one woman made ya’ waver for a moment, Phil??? Are ya in there? [Read more...]

Monday News Roundup

mouse_click_270x270First of all, my apologies for the brevity of content today. I woke up yesterday to a dead laptop. My cat managed to spill a glass of water on top of the computer. And I think the rest of the story is self explanatory. Hopefully the nice geeks at the Genius Bar will give me a new laptop and get me back in business within a day. I think a low-cut shirt should help my cause. Thank goodness for extended warranties and external hard drives.

Here’s your Monday click list. Happy reading!

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