When it Comes to Politics, Don’t Listen to Sex and the City

For many women, Sex and the City signifies the sexually adventurous and independent woman, one who does not take any crap and knows what she wants. For others, the show is the complete opposite of independence and instead showcases very materialistic women endlessly looking for the right man to marry while discussing shoes, drinks, and parties. Sex and the City falls in the same category as Madonna, you either love her or cannot stand her.

There is something so off putting about Sex and the City to me. The constant discussion of fashion and appearance, the neverending hunt for relationships, and the often shallow discussions of anything that is not fashion or relationships, along with Carrie’s constant shrieking (when she sees a mouse, when she looses a shoe, gets picked up by a man, encounters dogs, when it rains, basically all the time). Besides, how can all these women have so much money to spend when they actually never work? While browsing for anything good on TV I found an episode that depicted the women sitting around a table outside at a restaurant discussing politics and Carrie’s new politician boyfriend. Just before the lunch conversation, Carrie’s voiceover stated that she and her partner were compatible since he knows about politics and she knows about fashion, and both are very similar. During lunch, one of the women noted the irony of Carrie dating a politician, since she was not even registered to vote. Samantha then said that she would vote for whomever was the best-looking man running for office, or for president. Carrie’s voiceover said something like “Here we were, four girls talking politics.”

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Did You Vote Yesterday?

voting_boothI’ll be honest – I didn’t. I didn’t know what the propositions were about, and I didn’t know who was running for city council in my area. I’ve never voted in an off-year election, mainly because I feel like I just don’t know enough about local politics. I realize that this is problematic. The right wing has done a fairly good job of stacking local governments, from the school board to the city council, with anti-choice candidates. If there had been a medical marijuana proposition on the ballot, I probably would have figured out where my polling location was.

I suspect that there are lots of potential voters out there who are just like me. I’ve voted in every presidential election since I turned 18. I just haven’t participated in the smaller elections. Part of this is because I don’t believe in voting. Don’t get me wrong – I love Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Alice Paul, and all of the other women who literally put their lives on the line so that women could have the right to vote. I proudly voted for Hillary Clinton in the primaries last year because I was happy to support the possibility of having a woman in the White House. I just don’t get as excited about the person running for city comptroller. I’m sorry.

What about you? Did you participate in the voting process yesterday? If you did, good job of being an engaged citizen. If you didn’t vote, why not?