Obama is Re-Elected, “Rape” Candidates are Defeated

The interminable election season is finally over! After all the money, mud-slinging, and hyperbole, Barack Obama has won a second term, Democrats have won control of the Senate, and Republicans have won control of the House. So, really, not that much has changed on the surface, though undoubtedly the pundits and experts will be analyzing the results and trends for years to come.

For now, let’s just bask in the good news: voters in Maryland and Maine approved same-sex marriage; Wisconsin voters elected the first openly gay politician, Tammy Baldwin, to the Senate; and a slew of candidates that made idiotic comments about rape and abortion were defeated!


Anti-Choicers Attack New Office of Global Women’s Issues

uscapitol1The U.S. House of Representatives has voted to permanently establish an Office of Global Women’s Issues. I excitedly began to look up more information about the legislation and was bombarded by anti-choice “news” sites screaming their opposition to the new office. Much of the coverage reported the goal of “gender integration and women’s empowerment” as if they were dirty words.

National Right to Life Committee legislative director has said the bill “will further empower the Obama Administration to pursue its agenda of undermining the pro-life laws of sovereign nations…” He doesn’t get his own hypocrisy. Imposing individual religious beliefs on the U.S. and foreign cultures is another form of cultural manipulation and it has dangerous health consequences.

The bill is much larger than just the establishment of the Office of Global Women’s Issues. It expands and creates several international education and diplomatic programs. Among the legislation’s proposals are extending Global Peace Operations Initiative programs, increasing Foreign Service personnel and creating student exchange and scholarship programs. [Read more...]