40 Days Spreads to the UK

Today’s guest post comes from Philippa Willitts is a British freelance writer, who also blogs for The F-Word, Where’s the Benefit? and her own personal blog. She can be found procrastinating on twitter both personally (@incurablehippie) and professionally (@philippawrites), and she enjoys good food, good friends, and nature.

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It is often said that what happens in America will eventually come over here to the UK. Even those things that we think would never catch on in our rather different culture can make a surprising appearance a year or two after we’ve been shocked about it happening in the States. And while there has always been anti-abortion activism here, some of the anti-choice tactics in the US are unfortunately occurring in Britain more and more frequently.

British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) is the UK’s largest abortion provider. While terminations are available for free on the National Health Service (NHS), there is sometimes a waiting list that is long enough to make women look for private alternatives. A campaign called 40 Days for Life has taken up residence outside one of BPAS’s clinics in London and is holding what they describe as ‘prayer vigils.’

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UK’s Department For International Development & Its Intelligent Policy on Abortion

DRC WomenUnited Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID) is a champion for women’s rights and should get significant support from activists everywhere. DFID was created in 1997 to manage Britain’s aid money and ensure that their resources are going to fighting extreme poverty. This includes working towards human rights in order to alleviate poverty and its consequences.  

This month with an updated policy report on safe and unsafe abortion was published by UK’s DFID.  Observations that should be obvious began the summary of the report.

“First, it is a right. Women have the right to reproductive health choices. Second, it is necessary.” It is absolutely refreshing that one of the governments in world is expressing that the right to reproductive freedom is a necessity!”

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