The Importance Of Being A LGBTQ Ally

If you’ve never had to come out, National Coming Out Day probably doesn’t seem like a huge deal. To those that have, though, it can bring back bittersweet memories. Maybe they were kicked out of their homes and forced to live on the streets. Maybe they were ostracized by their families and forced to endure dehumanizing “therapy.”  I’ve never had to come out. I’m a straight girl who’s into dudes; it’s never been “my” problem.

But today, I’m coming out. I’m making it my problem.

I, Amy McCarthy, am a fag-haggin’, lesbian-lovin’ ALLY. And I’m going to be a drag queen for Halloween.*

Being an ally is something that can be a bit tricky for us breeders. Most are afraid of being called gay. Let me tell you, it happens. I’ve had to dispel the “Amy’s a lesbian” myth since high school, but my boyfriend and I know the truth.

As a feminist, I know it is my job to make sure that everyone gets treated with dignity and respect, not just women. Being an ally is the best way to do that job. I get the opportunity to support these amazing people in being who they are. I like that.

I’m coming out in support of the people that I love that aren’t always able to show their love. I’m coming out in support of my family, friends, and the rest of the human community. [Read more...]