New York City to cut vital services to working families.

Roughly 15 New York City childcare centers are scheduled to close as of July 10th. On April 21st, thousands of parents and advocates marched across the Brooklyn Bridge in protest.

NYC officials claim that the areas where the closings will take place are no longer in need of as many services for low-income families. However, Jerry Chiappetta, Executive Director of the Court St. Day Care Center in Cobble Hill, says that he was told his center would be closing because of high operational costs, including rent and maintenance.

The official’s argument ignores the fact that many who cannot afford to live in these areas are in fact the ones working in the areas, and many utilize childcare in the area where they work, rather than where they live. Chiappetta says that although the make-up of the neighborhood has changed, those his center serves has not.

Parents and directors are frustrated and widely believe that condos will be built in place of the current centers. Ten of the fifteen centers scheduled to close are in “up and coming” areas such a Cobble Hill and Prospect Heights. [Read more...]