Obama is Re-Elected, “Rape” Candidates are Defeated

The interminable election season is finally over! After all the money, mud-slinging, and hyperbole, Barack Obama has won a second term, Democrats have won control of the Senate, and Republicans have won control of the House. So, really, not that much has changed on the surface, though undoubtedly the pundits and experts will be analyzing the results and trends for years to come.

For now, let’s just bask in the good news: voters in Maryland and Maine approved same-sex marriage; Wisconsin voters elected the first openly gay politician, Tammy Baldwin, to the Senate; and a slew of candidates that made idiotic comments about rape and abortion were defeated!


Thursday News Roundup

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ENDA Bill Introduced . . . Last Week?

marti-bioGuest blogger Marti Abernathy spent the bulk of last year campaigning for Obama. Marti was on Obama’s LGBT steering and policy committee and founded the transgender subcommittee. She regularly blogs at The Transadvocate. She’s also a podcaster, activist, and radiologic technologist in Madison, Wisconsin. This is her hot scoop . . .

Today at 1pm today (6-24-09) Barney Frank is set to officially introduce the HR 2981, The Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

This week, Congressman Barney Frank will introduce the Employee Non-Discrimination Act. The legislation would extend federal employment laws, which currently prevent job discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, national origin, age, and disability, to also cover sexual orientation and gender identity. The bill covers both the public and private sectors. [Read more...]