The Economic Crisis and the New Witches

Historically, witches have been scapegoats, and witch-hunting has occurred during periods of crisis such as wars, and times of famine or disease. More recently, the consequences of the global economic crisis have been devastating: unemployment, poverty, and in some countries, an increasing number of suicides. But some politicians have more pressing concerns: in Spain, for example, the Conservatives target women who can already come under heavy fire when it comes to economic issues. This behavior can uphold patterns such as the economic and social marginalization of women.

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Spain’s Lower House Approves New Bill Expanding Abortion Access

pro choice no going backSpain’s lower house voted today to approve a piece of legislation that would dramatically alter status quo restrictions on abortion. Outside of the invasive stipulations that undermine young women’s autonomy, this new bill would allow women to terminate their pregnancy up to 14 weeks. According to Steven Ertelt, [Read more...]

Damn it Spain, Why you Gotta Hate on Younger Women?

pro choice rally in spainIn an attempt at appeasing the Basque Nationalist Party, the Spanish government has moved to amend its proposed abortion bill to include parental notification requirements. The Associated Press reports,

The Spanish government will amend its proposed abortion bill to oblige girls aged 16 and 17 to inform one of their parents if they want to end their pregnancy.
The proposed amendment was aimed at winning the support of the Basque Nationalist Party, who said Thursday it will now support the legislation.

The new law proposes unrestricted abortion up to the fourteenth week of pregnancy. But a clause that would allow teens to have an abortion without parental consent had roused much opposition.

Governing Socialist party member Carmen Monton hailed the agreement, saying the most important thing was that the woman have the final say.
The bill is supported by several parties but the votes of the six Basque deputies guarantees passage in parliament.

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Not Your Mom’s Sex Ed

sex_edHoly masturbation, Batman! I wish I had taken sex ed in Spain, because Spanish teens are being taught how to masturbate as part of a new sex-positive sex ed campaign. According to Time Magazine:

In late October, the regional government of Extremadura in southwestern Spain launched a new sexual-education campaign designed to facilitate the “development of healthy habits, self-esteem and safety.” Although the publicly funded campaign includes the publication of pamphlets and an online magazine, the highlight is a series of workshops for 14-to-17-year-olds aimed at educating participants on anatomy, body image, safe-sex practices, gender equality and, in the mildly celebratory words of an early press release (since redacted), “sexual self-exploration and erotic self-knowledge.” Or, in other words, masturbation.

I feel like I got jipped. My sex ed class consisted of a film that told girls about their periods by showing a school nurse make pancakes in the shape of a uterus. I kid you not. After the film, we got free samples of tampons. I think I may have had one more day of sex ed that consisted of a list of STD symptoms. If someone had told me that masturbation was the key to positive self-esteem, I think high school would have been a lot more fun! [Read more...]

Women on Waves: Rock the Boat!

WavesI love it when I come across organizations and campaigns that I had no idea existed! Women on Waves (WOW) is a new discovery of mine. The organization is based in the Netherlands, but helps provide abortion, education and advocacy for reproductive rights in areas where it is illegal. It does this in part, by sailing a ship into international waters where local laws don’t apply. Once transported on board, women are able to obtain safe abortion, contraceptives, training and reproductive health information.

WOW was founded by Dr. Rebecca Gomperts in 1999. She had met women in South America that were suffering physically and mentally from unwanted pregnancies, lack of reproductive freedom and unsafe abortions. It was the experiences of these women that became the motivation for Women on Waves.
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