Wednesday News Roundup

mouse2Health Care Debate Takes Shape Via Social Networking – The Hill
What is a TRAP Bill? – National Abortion Federation
Abortion Should Not Imperil Health Care Reform – Charleston Gazette
AIDS in South Africa: Women, The Church, and Global Indifference – Religious Dispatches
South Dakota Rules Anti-Abortion Donors Will Remain Anonymous – First Amendment Center
Abortion: A Healthy Choice – HuffPo
Why Private Insurance Should Cover Abortion – Wall Street Journal

Tuesday News Roundup

mouse2Misconceptions #1: Only a “Certain Kind of Woman” Has an Abortion – Cherry Hill Women’s Center
When You Discover You’re Intersex – Womanist Musings
C-Sections: The New “Pre-Existing Condition” – RH Reality Check
Scott Roeder’s Trial to be Delayed Until January – Roeder Watch
South Dakota Appeals Abortion Ruling – Sioux Falls Argus Leader

Monday News Roundup

mouse_click_270x270First of all, my apologies for the brevity of content today. I woke up yesterday to a dead laptop. My cat managed to spill a glass of water on top of the computer. And I think the rest of the story is self explanatory. Hopefully the nice geeks at the Genius Bar will give me a new laptop and get me back in business within a day. I think a low-cut shirt should help my cause. Thank goodness for extended warranties and external hard drives.

Here’s your Monday click list. Happy reading!

Canadian Government Won’t Appeal Abortion Ruling – Times & Transcript
Canadian Abortion Clinics Exempted From New Law Regulating Surgical Centers – Montreal Gazette
Emergency Contraception: Have We Come Full Circle? – RH Reality Check
Abortion Myths v. Reality in the Health Care Debate – PPAZ Community Action Blog
Did You Know Justice Ginsburg Started the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project in 1972? – ACLU
Saving the World’s Women – New York Times
Hillary’s Response to the War on Women – Department of Homegirl Security
Can I be Sexually Active with HPV? – Feministing