Breast Cancer: The Most Important of All the Cancers (?)

It would seem that breast cancer is more important than any other type of cancer.  Though breast cancer was fourth in both number of new cases and deaths in 2010*, its month of awareness trumps all others.  Does anyone even know that Prostate Cancer Awareness month is September? As in last month, the month before October, the month before Breast Cancer Awareness month? It seems one cannot escape Breast Cancer Awareness this month as it is blaring from the television, viral campaigns nearly reach the level of spam, pink ribbons are plastered all over restaurants and retail shops, even professional football players are sporting pink.  The sheer volume of business that jump on the pink band wagon is astronomical.

It was not until writing this article that I was even aware which month (if any) had been assigned to prostate cancer and while the gender stereotypical color blue has been deemed the color of prostate cancer, not many are aware of it.  And certainly the television, professional athletes and local retail establishments were not sporting any sort of Prostate Cancer Awareness paraphernalia last month.  Yet prostate cancer rates are close to, and in some years surpass, breast cancer rates in number of new cases and deaths each year.
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