Tips for Ringing in a Safe New Year

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner. Many of us will be toasting champagne and kissing some hotty at the stroke of midnight. But did you know that New Year’s Eve happens to be the biggest night of the year for birth control slip ups? Before you get your stroke on, here are a few tips for keeping it safe.

1. Put some condoms and/or dental dams in your purse. While safe sex is everyone’s responsibility, you can’t always count on your partner to be prepared. I like to think of condoms in my purse as good karma. (You know what I mean – putting out your expectations into the universe, and all that other hooey from “The Secret.”) If you expect to get laid, chances are that you probably will.

2. Have fun, but be responsible about your alcohol intake. People look way hotter when you’re drunk than they do when you’re sober. You might have sex with someone who wouldn’t get to first base without the influence of liquid courage. So get buzzed, but don’t get trashed. Your decision-making faculties will be much better if you’re not three sheets to the wind.

3. Emergency contraception is available if you forget to put a glove on it. EC is available over-the-counter at your friendly local drugstore. It’s also available at Planned Parenthood. So if you do have a mishap, take EC within 72 hours to prevent an unintended pregnancy.

4. Be a pal. If you’re not big on drinking, offer to be the designated driver. Keep an eye out for your friends at the party, and make sure that they’re not unwittingly getting themselves into a compromising position. You could also send them a friendly message the day after the party, just in case they need a helpful reminder about EC.

For more safe partying tips, check out this article from the FFC vault, or this fun guide from Shelby Knox.

Happy New Year everybody!