When it Comes to Politics, Don’t Listen to Sex and the City

For many women, Sex and the City signifies the sexually adventurous and independent woman, one who does not take any crap and knows what she wants. For others, the show is the complete opposite of independence and instead showcases very materialistic women endlessly looking for the right man to marry while discussing shoes, drinks, and parties. Sex and the City falls in the same category as Madonna, you either love her or cannot stand her.

There is something so off putting about Sex and the City to me. The constant discussion of fashion and appearance, the neverending hunt for relationships, and the often shallow discussions of anything that is not fashion or relationships, along with Carrie’s constant shrieking (when she sees a mouse, when she looses a shoe, gets picked up by a man, encounters dogs, when it rains, basically all the time). Besides, how can all these women have so much money to spend when they actually never work? While browsing for anything good on TV I found an episode that depicted the women sitting around a table outside at a restaurant discussing politics and Carrie’s new politician boyfriend. Just before the lunch conversation, Carrie’s voiceover stated that she and her partner were compatible since he knows about politics and she knows about fashion, and both are very similar. During lunch, one of the women noted the irony of Carrie dating a politician, since she was not even registered to vote. Samantha then said that she would vote for whomever was the best-looking man running for office, or for president. Carrie’s voiceover said something like “Here we were, four girls talking politics.”

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Does Romney Have A(nother) New Stance on Abortion?

It should come as no surprise that Mitt Romney has once again changed his mind – and his stated position – on an election issue. Earlier this week, the formerly pro-choice, now anti-choice presidential candidate told the editorial board of the Des Moines Register that “[t]here’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda.” Romney did say, in the same interview, that he would reinstate the Mexico City Policy, which prohibits U.S. foreign aid being used for abortions.

Romney’s latest statement marks a significant change from the Republican politician’s earlier stances on abortion. During his unsuccessful 1994 Senate run against Ted Kennedy, Romney said he supported abortion rights; likewise, in his successful 2002 campaign for governor of Massachusetts, Romney flat-out said that he “will preserve and protect a woman’s right to choose.” Halfway through his term as governor, however, Romney flipped on the issue, and throughout this presidential campaign he has presented himself as strongly anti-choice, only supporting abortions in cases of rape, incest, or to protect the life of the woman.

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Why Women Shouldn’t Trust Ann (or Mitt) Romney

Last night, presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s wife of 43 years, Ann Romney, addressed delegates at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. The speech, which CNN’s David Gergen compared to then-Sen. Barack Obama’s speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, sought to humanize Mitt Romney, who has struggled with likeability ratings throughout the Republican Primary.

Plenty of pundits echoed Gergen’s gushing praise of Ann Romney’s speech. In fact, most of the conservative commentary that I read seemed to wish, deep down, that it was Ann and not Mitt Romney at the top of their ticket – I mean, if she didn’t have ovaries and the rest of that whole “woman” thing going on.

I didn’t listen to Ann Romney’s speech live, mainly because I care about my health and sanity. I find the GOP’s trotting out of conservative women to line up for Mitt Romney offensive and patronizing, but I suppose it’s better than having Republidudes lined up to mansplain to all us ladies about what is best for us.
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Notes From a Pro-Choice Pregnancy

This summer has seen quite a few high-profile news stories about various aspects of women’s reproductive choices, from motherhood to maternity leave to abortion. The recent selection of anti-choice politician Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate will likely draw yet more attention to the issue of reproductive rights; Ryan has said that he can “never not vote pro-life,” and supports the Sanctity of Life Act, a bill that declares that life begins at fertilization.

I’ve had more than just an academic interest in these stories, as I’m about eight months into my first pregnancy. I’ve had a pretty easy time of it so far (knock wood); the greatest physical issues have come from pre-existing chronic pain conditions, and every test and appointment has confirmed that the fetus is developing normally. My biggest irritation is with the frequent comments from relatives, co-workers, friends’ parents, and random acquaintances about my breast-feeding plans and whether this was a planned pregnancy and why I don’t look “more” pregnant. But while those and other inquiries can get annoying, I know just how lucky I am – for my health, for the fetus’s health, and to have so many concerned and caring people around to even be nosy in the first place. [Read more...]

Where Do Romney & Huntsman Stand on Abortion?

Yesterday Jon Huntsman announced his bid for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination. Huntsman is the former governor of the state of Utah, and he recently resigned as the US Ambassador to China.  So far the media has focused primarily on Huntsman’s positions on foreign policy and economic issues, as has Huntsman himself.  Huntsman has often been called a moderate on social policy issues, such as immigration and same sex marriage.  Nevertheless, he did sign three anti-abortion bills his last year as governor of Utah.  The overwhelming lack of information about Huntsman’s stance on abortion on his campaign website makes me wonder: where does Jon Huntsman actually stand on abortion?

Mitt Romney came under fire last week for his refusal to sign a pledge from the Susan B. Anthony List. Ever the moderate, Romney argued that the pledge, which rejects federal funding for health care facilities that provide abortion, would be very costly to hospitals who rely on federal Medicaid dollars. The anti-choice group took Romney’s refusal as a sign that he’s a “flip-flopper” on abortion, especially given the mudslinging Romney received in the 2008 election for his perceived support of Planned Parenthood. Romney is currently the GOP frontrunner (which means next to nothing this far out from the election), but his stance on abortion could hurt his campaign much more than people’s questions surrounding his Mormonism. [Read more...]