LGBTQ friendly ad done well

We were quite impressed with the portrayal of same sex love in this recent advertisement by the Swedish company Adressändring (a company which advertisements emphasize the importance of registering your new address in order to receive your post).

Previous advertisements by this company have usually been quite funny in that they often depict different mishaps that have taken place. For example, one woman accidentally has her new sex toy sent to her parents address (her old address) and the parents unpack it and believe that it is a children’s swing and that the woman is planning on having children soon.

This recent advertisement, however, depicts the love between two young men who met in Paris and spent (presumably) a holiday or the summer together. The two men are not only in a same-sex relationship; they are also of different ethnicities and speak different first languages. We like this advertisement because it shows that same-sex love is important, passionate, and serious and deserves attention. It also depicts these men in a way that is casual, rather than attempting to make fun of same-sex love, make a spectacle out of it, or be overly stereotypical. In the end, the Swedish man ends up living with a woman since he never received the letter from his lover in Paris. However, Kjell the Swedish man never forgets his trip to Paris. The advertisement ends with the statement, “do not miss out on important mail”.

Together with the advertisement from Adressändring, an older advertisement from McDonalds is also portraying same-sex love in a great way. We like these advertisements as opposed to stereotypical advertisements that just attempt to make fun of same-sex couples.

It is quite unusual that same-sex love is positively portrayed in media. Instead, it is often depicted as entertainment and made silly and laughable. It is also quite unusual to view advertisements that depict lovers of different ethnicities. We like this advertisement and hope that others will follow and include perspectives that appeal to a wide range of individuals.


Photo of LGBTQ balloons shared by Flickr user rebolyte under a creative commons license.