Pro-Choice News Roundup

We’ve got a mishmash of articles about women’s health for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

The big abortion-mental health lie gets debunked – Washington Post
Calling Bullshit on Breast Cancer Memes – The F Word
Unequivocally Against Female Genital Mutilation – On the Issues

And just in case you missed it on our site last week, here’s a great article about maternal health in Africa.

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Canada Misses the Boat on Maternal Health

Canada confirmed on Monday that they won’t be funding abortions as a part of their foreign aid initiative at this years G-8 summit. A slightly contradictory position considering Canada’s recent pledge to make maternal and children’s health their central priority at the G-8 summit in June. News-flash: you can’t effectively promote maternal health care without a commitment to providing safe and legal abortions. Fortunately, the British foreign secretary and Hillary Clinton have both called Canada out on their bullshit.

The stance on abortion is in disagreement with Clinton, who was adamant at a G-8 meeting last month that any international effort to boost maternal health must include family planning, including access to safe abortions. [Read more...]

Thursday News Roundup

Springhill Lake Elementary celebrates women’s history. A cute story!

Check out line-up for 2010′s Lilith Fair!

Can you get arrested for carrying condoms? Alternet

Two women die a day giving birth–And many of these deaths can be prevented. Alternet

10 Places to Honor Historical Mothers. ABC