MythBusting: Arguments Against Gay Parents Don’t Add Up

gayparentsThe importance recognizing gay rights in regards to parenting cannot be under stated. There are foster children that deserve loving homes and potential LGBT parents that have the love and resources to provide those children homes. Also, many custody issues arise when LGBT non-biological parents aren’t given legal parental status. These issues cost taxpayers’ money and emotionally strain parents, potential guardians and children.

Champions of inequality try to convince the public that LGBT people are not suited for parenthood. They disregard a lot of research instead perpetuating myths that are too wide spread and causing children to go without loving adults in their lives.

So let’s end the confusion. LGBT parents are needed and the arguments against them need to be put to bed. The following myths have no barring and should never be used in court cases or legislation regarding parental rights of LGBT people.

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Live Blogging: Obama Speaks at the HRC Dinner

LGBT rightsIf anyone is interested in joining the excitement of the HRC dinner, I suggest you check out the live feed at Bilerico. Bil Browning is at the dinner and taking questions live. Some highlights from Obama’s speech thus far (all provided via twitter)

“Do not doubt the direction we are headed and the destination we will reach.”
“Together we will move closer 2 where no 1 in American has 2 fear being gay or walk down the street holding the hand of their loved 1.”
“I will end ‘Don’t ask, Don’t Tell’, that’s my commitment to you.”

President Obama is addressing a large number of his constituents tonight to underscore their legitimate criticism of his failure to follow through on several campaign promises. Tonight is an olive branch opportunity for Obama to confirm his commitment to the cause of equal rights and convince a community of people that he does not intend to leave them behind. One can only hope that his well articulated speech tonight will translate into political action tomorrow. Too often LGBT rights are promised and then placed on the back burner when shit gets tough.

Obama stated, “I expect and hope to be judged not by words, not by promises I’ve made, but by the promises that my administration keeps.” When will it be the right time? Even the idea of a “right time” for equal rights says wonders about our political system.

Common Enemy: Choice and D.O.M.A.

rainbow_flagIn 1996, I watched, with ever increasing disgust, as Congress was consumed by the debate over *insert appropriate gasp* Gay Marriage. I heard those who were elected by the people, for the people, spout everything from rhetorical distortions to outright lies–all in the name of passing some of the most discriminatory legislation this country has ever seen.

Since then, I have watched, with no less disgust, as the same arguments (and fallacies) are rehashed on the state and local level as our country wrestles with the differences between its ideology and its rhetoric.

What on Earth does the battle over gay marriage have to do with reproductive choice, you ask?

Put simply–the two have a common enemy. Of course, there are a few folks who are pro-choice, but not in favor of gay marriage (my brother), or who are in favor of gay marriage, but still consider themselves “pro-life.” But by and large, ideologically speaking, opposition to abortion rights and to marriage equality for LGBT people go hand-in-hand. [Read more...]