Kicking Off Women’s History Month 2012

Image courtesy of the Library of Congress

In my house, I traditionally mark the first of the month by giving the dog his flea treatment and heartworm pills. But March is different, and not just because it signals the first month that it might actually be warm enough for the dog to get fleas – but because it’s Women’s History Month!

The first two months of 2012 have brought an avalanche of stories related to women’s issues, from the Planned Parenthood-Komen debacle to the dangerously regressive politics of Rick Santorum to the never-ending debate about the role birth control plays in women’s lives. But as vital as it is to keep abreast of issues that affect women (and men, and families) on a real-time basis, it’s also important to take time to honor the women that have come before us, the activists and politicians and writers and artists and scientists whose contributions and innovations continue to influence our lives today.

This month we’ll be sharing women’s history content every day, and we welcome your input and ideas on which women we should profile. But before we launch into all the profiles and articles, I’d like to single out Feminists for Choice’s amazing founder, Serena Freewomyn, for her own work as a phenomenal online voice, kick-ass writer, and dedicated champion of abortion rights – Serena plays an integral role in running an abortion fund in Arizona. So on behalf of all the women you help, and all of us here at FFC, thank you, Serena, for all your incredible work.

Happy Women’s History Month!


Pro-choice news roundup

What Americans Think of Abortion. New York Times.

A Feminist’s Perspective on Valentine’s Day. Seattle PI.

The Women in Black History. The Madison Times.

Online Feminism’s Big Win Against Komen for the Cure. The Nation.

Abortion Is Not Like Rape. The Harvard Crimson.

Falling Between the Cracks: Why Abortion Funds Exists and How you Can Help Them Help Women. RH Reality Check.

Tuesday News Roundup

Dr. Tiller & James Pouillon: The Real Difference – CPC Watcher
Anti-Choicers Launch Campaign Against Komen For the Cure – RH Reality Check
20 Years of Clinic Defense and Counting – Sum of Change
State-by-State Overview of Abortion Laws – Guttmacher Institute
My Top 10 Favorite Sex Toys – Essin’ Em
Gender Verification in Sports: We All Have a Stake in Semenaya’s Medal – RH Reality Check

For your viewing pleasure, there’s a video after the jump discussing gay scientists’ discovery of the Christian gene. [Read more...]