When Will We See a Female U.S. President?

Even though the 2012 presidential election was only last month, speculations concerning the next election in 2016 are brewing. According to an interesting article from ABC News, a majority of voters (57 percent) have stated that they would back Hillary Clinton in the next election. As noted, the article does mention that Clinton’s popularity and approval would depend to a great deal on the candidate running against her, but in terms of voting patterns, we notice that there’s quite the divide based on gender, age, and ethnicity when it comes to supporting Clinton.

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Should Hillary Run in 2012?

A recent article from HuffPo says that Hillary Clinton needs to throw her hat into the ring in order to prevent a Tea Party takeover of the White House.

I love me some Hillary, ya’ll. I wrote Clinton my own letter back in 2004 begging her to run in ’08. I like to think her presidential campaign was my own little brain child. The idea of Hillary Clinton in the White House is completely irresistible because Hillary is a woman who won’t take crap from anybody. And yet I’m still pining . . .

What’s your take on the possibility of Hillary Clinton running for president in 2012? Should she challenge Barack Obama? Why or why not? I’d love to get your take.

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Beyond Cowgirl Politicians

In last weekend’s New York Times’ Magazine, Rebecca Traister offered what may be the most, if not the only, constructive examination of the two female politicians who will now be forever linked by the January 8th shootings in Tuscon, Arizona.

Whether or not you believe there is any connection between the first assassination attempt ever made on an American female politician and the gun-slinging rhetoric of the first Republican woman ever nominated for the vice presidency, what’s undeniably true is that despite the vast philosophical and intellectual chasms between them, Representative Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona and the former Alaska governor Sarah Palin have something in common: they are both cowgirl politicians. In this, they are symptomatic of the too-narrow ways in which the United States is willing to accept women as leaders.

I’m no fan of Sarah Palin, and I’m too ornery to believe that when you criticize one woman, you criticize them all, but I have to admit it was refreshing to read an article about these two women that didn’t somehow pit one against the other. It’s been such a common thread in the commentary since the shootings, much of it far more subtle than the gunsite image marking Giffords’ district on the Palin campaign’s map, that it was almost in its absence that I sensed it most.

That’s one of the reasons why I’m trying to do the same here. My first instinct was to go glass-half-empty and gripe about the ways the cowgirl politician type left real women, well, hogtied. But maybe that’s ground well-grazed. (Sorry, done now.) Though I hope this is only the first of many steps I take towards fulfilling my New Year’s resolution to improve my sometimes too-sour disposition, I will simply say that I suspect no cowgirl politician, real or iconographic, would occupy a place in the cultural imagination if the average American male did not also find the cowgirl in question sexually attractive.   [Read more...]

Stop Co-opting Susan B. Anthony Already!

Sarah Palin has a new book out. Didn’t even know she could read, but it’s true. She’s got another book on the shelves. And the loopy lies about how she’s the rightful heir of the first wave of feminism makes me barf a little in my mouth. Palin claims that Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a conservative Christian, and that Palin is cut from the same mold.

Um, news flash, Sarah Palin. Elizabeth Cady Stanton was anything but a conservative, or a Christian. You’ve probably never heard of The Woman’s Bible (notice how I don’t think you know how to read), but Stanton got the boot from the National Women’s Suffrage Association because she published that book and took a bold stance decidedly against religion. Read a book Sarah, and then get back to me on how you and Elizabeth Cady Stanton are cut from the same cloth.

And while we’re on the subject of my favorite sister suffragettes, can you and all your wingnut friends stop co-opting the memory of Miss Susan B. Anthony? For the love of blog! Susan B. Anthony was not anti-abortion. In fact, she never talked about abortion. Just ask her biographers. Susan B. Anthony may have started out with a broad focus (temperance, abolition, women’s rights), but after the Civil War she was very single minded – it was about suffrage or nothing. To return to the issue of The Woman’s Bible, Anthony would tell people to talk to Stanton if she was asked about it, because religion wasn’t her issue. She kept her eyes on the suffrage prize. If Susan B. Anthony were alive today, she would decidedly be pro-choice because she did make speeches in favor of family planning while she was alive. So read a freaking history book and stop spinning the facts to fit your agenda. [Read more...]

Canada Misses the Boat on Maternal Health

Canada confirmed on Monday that they won’t be funding abortions as a part of their foreign aid initiative at this years G-8 summit. A slightly contradictory position considering Canada’s recent pledge to make maternal and children’s health their central priority at the G-8 summit in June. News-flash: you can’t effectively promote maternal health care without a commitment to providing safe and legal abortions. Fortunately, the British foreign secretary and Hillary Clinton have both called Canada out on their bullshit.

The stance on abortion is in disagreement with Clinton, who was adamant at a G-8 meeting last month that any international effort to boost maternal health must include family planning, including access to safe abortions. [Read more...]

Happy Friday! News Roundup

dogs in costumesOMG – I love dogs in costumes. I think more people should hand out little dog biscuits with the trick-or-treat candy, because little dogs like Halloween, too, you know.

On the pro-choice front, here’s your Friday click list to kick off the weekend!

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Wednesday News Roundup

rainbowmouseOn Dead Fetus Pictures & The Pitfalls of Activism – Jezebel
Bans Do Not Curb Abortion – BBC
Worldwide Abortion Rates Are Falling – AFP
Hillary Clinton Swears She Won’t Run for President Again – LA Times

Friday News Roundup

mouse-clickMadonna, Motherhood & Choices – Bitch
A Question of Women’s Health . . . And Equality – Gazette Extra
Ab-Only: What Part of “They Don’t Work” is Hard to Understand? – RH Reality Check
Ossowo Shooter Ruled Incompetent to Stand Trial – New York Times
Kay Bailey Hutchinson Criticizes Senate Vote on Abortion – Houston Chronicle
Hillary Clinton Speaks Out Against Rape as a Tool of War – Reuters

Monday News Roundup

mouse_click_270x270First of all, my apologies for the brevity of content today. I woke up yesterday to a dead laptop. My cat managed to spill a glass of water on top of the computer. And I think the rest of the story is self explanatory. Hopefully the nice geeks at the Genius Bar will give me a new laptop and get me back in business within a day. I think a low-cut shirt should help my cause. Thank goodness for extended warranties and external hard drives.

Here’s your Monday click list. Happy reading!

Canadian Government Won’t Appeal Abortion Ruling – Times & Transcript
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Hillary Clinton is a Rock Star – Get Over It

Yesterday Twitter and the blogosphere were all abuzz about a recent incident Hillary Clinton experienced while she was visiting the Congo. A journalist asked Hillary to explain what Bill Clinton’s opinion was on China’s involvement in the Congo. Here’s her reaction.

MSNBC is trying to back peddle on the story by chalking it up to an error in translation.

Bite me. If some dude asked me what my husband’s opinion was about something, I’d get irritated, too. [Read more...]