What Happens When You Need An Emergency Abortion? (And You’re At A Religious Hospital)

It’s no secret that religious institutions control a significant portion of hospitals and the healthcare industry. Just in Dallas (where I live) we have Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, and Catholic institutions.

It’s also no surprise that those in charge of these institutions are vehemently anti-choice. As I’m sure you remember, a nun in Phoenix was excommunicated earlier this year for providing life-saving care (aka abortion) to a woman.

Wait, what? She got kicked out of the church for saving a life? That doesn’t sound like any church that I’d want to be involved in, and brings up another point. What happens if I’m dying and no one will help me?

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Michael Moore on Rachel Maddow: “If you don’t want to have an abortion, don’t have one!”

I thought this was a really interesting interview. Moore and Maddow discuss Moore’s new film, the Stupak Amendment, the hesitation of Democrats to get things done, and more. Its too bad more people can’t be as bold as these two.

Being Female Can Be A Pre-existing Condition

PregnantMotherDoctorEven people who are against healthcare reform realize that insurance companies regularly screw over decent hard working people all the time. Insurance companies take exploitation another level of women. This week there has been a lot of talk about how insurance companies in several states consider domestic violence a pre-existing condition.  This is a ridiculous policy, but is unfortunately not the only way women are abused by the system.

Thirty-eight states offer absolutely no protection for women purchasing insurance in the individual market. Women are charged higher premiums than men for identical plans. This higher cost is compounded by the fact women still earn approximately 78 cents to the every dollar a man makes. Therefore, programs such as employer financial assistance and tax credits for buying insurance unfairly leave women behind monetarily. [Read more...]