Pro-Choice News Roundup

Mississippi Personhood Amendment Fails. Newsy

Women out in front in defeat of Initiative 26. Hattiesburg American.

Defeating Personhood: A Critical but Incomplete Victory for Reproductive Justice. RH Reality Check.

FemPop’s Guide to Sexism in Gaming Forums. FemPop.

Michigan Attorney General seeks closure of two abortion clinics. Detroit Free Press.

Mondays with Marlo: Gloria Steinem. Huffington Post.

Friday News Roundup

Steinem criticizes Palin for using feminist brand. Los Angeles Times.

What It’s Like to Suffer a Miscarriage. Alternet.

William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe. PBS.

How Christian Moralizing Drives Kids to Dangerous Sex. Alternet.

Texas GOP says homosexuals should not have custody of children. Spread the word. HRC.

Gloria Steinem with Katie Couric & Stephen Colbert

Gloria Steinem is on a whirlwind media blitz this week. Here she is talking to Stephen Colbert. Gloria Steinem has some pretty compelling reasons why men need to be more involved with their families: better health, longer life, and better sex. Do you really need a better incentive?

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Katie Couric asked Gloria Steinem to respond to Sarah Palin’s use of the term feminist. Steinem clearly calls out Sarah Palin and others by try to coop the feminist label by saying that you have to promote women’s rights if you want to be a feminist.

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For more Gloria Steinem awesomeness, check out this post over at The Abortion Gang.

Happy Birthday, Gloria Steinem!

Foxy feminist and founder of Ms. Magazine, Gloria Steinem, turns 76 today. She’s just as active today as she was in the 70′s, and we womyn have so much to thank her for. In my mind, it would be harder to pinpoint a more visible, or more active, figure in the feminist movement today. She’s the modern equivalent of Elizabeth Cady Stanton or Susan B. Anthony.

In 1968, Steinem rocked the publishing world with her article “I Was a Playboy Bunny.” Gloria had gone “undercover” as a Playboy Bunny to expose Hugh Heffner for what he was. It was NOT a glamorous lifestyle. Steinem’s Bunny article is republished in her book Outrageous Acts and Every Day Rebellions, along with other essays and articles she has published over the years. One of my favorite chapters discusses Gloria’s relationship with her mother. Growing up in a single-parent household, Gloria witnessed firsthand the injustices womyn face. Her mother had a nervous breakdown and was treated very harshly by her doctors. Because of her mother, Steinem was motivated to do something for womyn.

Gloria has worked tirelessly for the rights of womyn and children. Because of her efforts, we have access to birth control and other sexual health options (at least for now). Because of her efforts, womyn can commit everyday rebellions, such as telling their bosses that sexist jokes aren’t funny, that paid maternity leave is good for business, and that 76 cents to the dollar is not fair. Without her moxy and her vision, where would we as womyn be?

Thursday News Roundup

Colorado Pershonhood Bill Fails to Qualify for Ballot – National Partnership for Women & Children
An Interview with Gloria Steinem – LA Times
Are Smaller Condoms for Teens the Answer? – AlterNet