Friday News Roundup

Recognizing Fundamental Human Rights for Abortion Clients and Providers. RH Reality Check.

Why These Are Times of Crisis for Global LGBT Equality – And How Activists are Fighting the Hate. AlterNet.

Birther Queen Gets Shot Down…Again. Huffington Post.

Ultrasound before Medical Abortion Might be Unnecessary, Study Finds. Medical News Today.

Stonewall Inn: A Legacy

Many people are familiar with the infamous 1969 Stonewall riots, the “shot heard round the world” of the gay-rights movement. Many are unaware, however of the history behind the location now seen as the first national monument of significance to the gay community.

After opening in 1967, the Stonewall Inn, a Greenwich Village bar, was soon the largest gay establishment in the country. Although New York City attracted a rapidly-growing community of homosexuals, at the time there were very few places where particularly gay men, could congregate and socialize without facing police harassment. That is where Stonewall came in.

The bar’s main attraction was its dance floor, and gay men from all over the New York came to the bar seeking a safe place to dance and socialize with one another. “It catered largely to a group of people who are not welcome in, or cannot afford, other places of homosexual social gathering…The Stonewall became home to these kids. When it was raided, they fought for it (Mattachine Society).” [Read more...]

A Global Perspective on Gay Rights

rainbowAfter the Maine set back, I found myself dreaming of Canada. A country that recognized the rights of consenting adults to embark on legally sanctioned partnership . Why is it so hard for people to let other people be happy and feel accepted?

In some countries, this isn’t as big of a struggle.  Belgium, Canada, Netherlands, Norway, south Africa, Spain and most recently Sweden all recognize gay marriages. The Netherlands led the way in 2001 to become the first nation to legalize marriage between same sex couples. [Read more...]

Choice: Who gets to be a parent?

BY_14I picked up this wonderful book the other day at the library called Choices. I fell in love with it right away as it is emblazoned with a pregnancy test on the cover. It is a collection of true stories about the kinds of choices women make, or should be able to make, concerning reproduction and being a parent. I want to try and cover a few stories from this book if not all of them as the weeks progress. This week I chose a story by Harriette E. Wimms called Harrison: Battling for the Chance to Make a Choice.

Harriette was dead set on becoming a mother from an early age while those around her dreamed of ivy league schools and rich husbands. She was encouraged as an African American woman to forgo having children right off and pursue college and a career and be successful first, but being a mother was all she knew she really wanted, and why isn’t that ok?

She went to college and got her degree in English and worked in marketing and married another so called “not good for me” man. They tried for a year to get pregnant and when nothing happened she sought help. She was diagnosed with PCOS which was making it next to impossible for her to get pregnant. Not to worry, as a married heterosexual woman there were a variety of procedures available to her at 90% coverage from her insurance company. She was encouraged to try them all as it was her right as a heterosexual married woman to have a family. Harriette was ready to try but her husband was not. Their marriage ended as Harriette had also fallen in love with a woman. [Read more...]

Tuesday News Roundup

rainbowmouseSlutty Halloween Costumes . . . For Your Dog? – Broadsheet @
Misinterpreting the Data on Public Opinions Towards Abortion – RH Reality Check
Female Senators Stand Up for Health Care Reform – Youtube
Monaco Liberalizes Abortion –
Rachel Maddow = The Voice of America – The Guardian
When Is It a Good Time for Gay Rights? – Anderson Cooper
Reported Rates Hit 20-Year Low – USA Today

National Equality March

National Equality MarchIf my life goes according to plan I will be attending the National Equality March this Sunday October 11, 2009 in Washington D.C. If you are in the area or can make it down (I live about six hours away just to give you an idea) please join us. There are a list of activities throughout the day, but the actual march begins at 8:00am with a rally to commence at noon at the Capitol Building. This is not an anual event, so please come show your support.