Teens, Feminist Politics, and “Avatar”

Last week, my kid and I decided to catch a matinee of James Cameron’s much anticipated Avatar. The trailers made it look interesting, and I really loved his last big hit (Titanic). As an added bonus, it looked like a good bet for entertaining someone of the 16 year-old techno-geek set. I figured I’d be amused for a couple of hours at worst and, at best, I’d be impressed with the animation/special effects. And, I thought, I might (just might) find something interesting to discuss with my angsty emotional roller-coaster riding/hormonal distant teenager.

Before the actual movie started, I laid even odds that the most exciting part of the entire experience would be my first glimpse of the theatrical preview of the latest Johnny Depp/Tim Burton endeavor—Alice in Wonderland. It hits theaters just in time to celebrate my next birthday in March. Squeeee! Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter + Tim Burton = automatic cinematic masterpiece. But I digress.

It turns out that, even though the aforementioned preview of Depp/Burton goodness was awesome (as expected), Avatar itself was nothing short of amazing. Despite some fairly obvious flaws as well as some problematic plot themes/elements, it is a beautiful film, both as an epic story and as a technical marvel. In my mind, it was worth every bit of the $10/each I paid for us to see it—and I’m a wait for the DVD (cheap) sort of girl. [Read more...]

feminist educations

i’ve become cold. yes i have. 

an enlightening conversation with one of my sisters proved to me that i have changed. once a woman who faced the world with her heart, i am now of woman powered by the cerebral cortex. 

my heart has been stifled and silenced by ultimate heartbreak while my mind was cleverly coaxed into dominance by an over-priced graduate education. all irony aside, this epiphany is disheartening and mind-numbing.  

i’ve become a person with an educated intellect capable of rationalizing almost anything. Logic is a powerful thing. Knowledge has the raw power to change us. Knowing makes us wise only until we learn something new. But knowledge and logic can overpower us if we dont know how to use them. I am guilty of this. i have allowed my education to overpower my heart. i have become lopsided. (some might call it jaded.)

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