Friday News Roundup

Just in case you missed any of these on Twitter this week, here’s the weekly round up for ya.

Support the Patients at Dr. Wicklund’s Clinic in Montana – Trust Women Fund
Your Vagina: An Owners’ Manual – Web MD
Let’s End the Hyde Amendment – Feministing
Gender Differences in Attitudes About the Election? – New York Times
Gabourey Sibide is Airbrushed on Cover of Elle – Color Lines

Tuesday News Roundup

mouse-clickIs a Personhood Statute Coming to a State Near You? – LA Times
Abstinence-Only Violates the First Amendment – RH Reality Check
Dr. Susan Wicklund on Native American Women & Reproductive Health Care – Blog For Choice
Google Will No Longer Accept Pro-Choice Ads – Women’s Rights @
The Conversation on Race That Most Americans Won’t Have – Pam’s House Blend
Warning Signs of Breast Cancer – Susan G. Komen Foundation
Is Fear of Population Control Trumping Green Solutions? – RH Reality Check
Will Portugal Legalize Same-Sex Marriage? – Gay Rights @
35 Catholic Leaders Support Repeal of DOMA –

Friday News Roundup

mouse2Dr. Susan Wicklund Blames Protesters For Dr. Tiller’s Death – West Virgina Public Broadcasting
Why I’m a Clinic Escort – Abortion Clinic Escort Blog
New AZ Law Could Limit Access to Plan B – Daily Wildcat
Coming Out in Middle School – New York Times
5 Ways to Save Money on Birth Control – US News & World Report
South Dakota Attorney General Appeals Abortion Ruling – Ms.
Glenn Beck Faces Backlash . . . From the Right – Alternet

Wednesday News Roundup

mouse_click_270x270Taking the Erotic Out of Sexual Culture – Feministe
Interview with Dr. Susan Wicklund – Laura Flanders
The Break-up of the Pro-Life Movement – Huffington Post
Do They Really Believe That Abortion is Murder? – Alas!