The Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy is Powerful Women

Monday morning I took my own advice and went to The Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy’s Annual Spring Breakfast. Eleanor’s Legacy is dedicated to supporting Democratic women candidates, voters, and activists throughout New York State; and there was an abundance of each present. If my faith were ever to waver that New York is where Progressives have progressed most, I would need only to remind myself that three of the purported front runners in the upcoming mayoral election (none have declared their candidacy), City Council President Christine C. Quinn, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, and Comptroller John Liu all made a point to appear first thing in the morning of a busy work week. In New York, at least, women matter.

I don’t think I was the only one seeking some femme-positive spiritual affirmation. When President Nora Bredes introduced the newest Congresswoman from New York, Kathy Hochul, the applause that erupted in the room felt like a collective sigh of relief at having palpable proof that our sometimes frustrating efforts to promote feminist causes do pay off on occasion. If we are lucky, the reward can come in the form of a public servant like Hochul, who considers political activism a noble calling and believes it her duty to mentor women similarly inspired.

Bredes repeated the conventional narrative of Hochul’s election: Hochul’s win in the most Republican-leaning district in the state was a repudiation of Republican Paul Ryan’s plan to “reform” Medicare. Then she added that while she wished this were true, the real reason Hochul won was because she was a great candidate. [Read more...]

Berkeley Sends a Message to Anti-choice Democrats

coat hanger choiceIn response to recent attacks on choice in the House and Senate debate over health care reform, the Berkeley City Council voted in an 8-1 decision to send a message to the anti-choice democrats who voted to completely dismantle women’s access to reproductive health. In hopes of reminding our dear friends of exactly what is at stake in a world without legal access to abortion, the Berkeley City Council will be sending a letter and coat hanger to each and every one of the twenty spineless democrats that sold women out on the hill. The Associated Press reports, [Read more...]

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Saturday News Roundup

weekendWe had some technical difficulties yesterday, and the click list didn’t run. So, here it is . . . the first Saturday click list (and hopefully the last). Have a great weekend!

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Will Dems Sell Out Women’s Health?

Can you hear chickens clucking? I can. In order to appease the right wing nuts jobs and the sell out conservative Democrats in Congress, “centrist” Democrats sent a letter to Nancy Pelosi yesterday urging a “compromise” position on abortion funding and the health care reform package. They say that the federal government should “maintain the status quo” and prohibit tax dollars from being used to pay for abortion. If private insurance companies want to offer coverage for abortion, that’s their business. (Source: Washington Post)

When will the Democrats grow a friggin spine? I’m over it.

Abortion is a Red Herring in the Health Care Debate

uscapitol1Yesterday the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions committee voted 13-10 for health care reform. The vote was predictably split along party lines, and Republicans voted unanimously against the health care reform package, even though Republicans had offered over 100 amendments to the bill. I’m sure each of the Republican members of the HELP committee will have several reasons for voting against the health care reform bill. But one thing is absolutely clear – GOP members were never going to vote for health care reform. Their efforts to pin this on abortion are just a red herring, an easy excuse for rejecting health care coverage for all Americans.

Today the House will begin amending and debating their version of the health care bill. GOP members are also unlikely to vote for it in the House. So don’t be fooled by the smoke and mirrors. Each time the Republicans bring up abortion, they’re simply trying to split the Democratic vote – the Republicans were never going to support health care reform, with or without abortion coverage.

19 Democrats Pushing For Reproductive Services to be Excluded from Health Care Reform

uscapitol1Yesterday the big hubbub on Twitter and in the e-mail alerts I received is that nineteen Democrats have come out against the inclusion of reproductive services in the health care reform bill that is currently being debated in Congress. According to US News & World Report, the Democrats have been lauded by anti-choice groups. The list of representatives includes:

Reps. Dan Boren (D-OK); Bart Stupak (D-MI); Colin Peterson (D-MN); Tim Holden (D-PA); Travis Childers (D-MS); Lincoln Davis (D-TN); Heath Shuler (D-NC) Solomon Ortiz (D-TX); Mike McIntyre (D-NC); Jerry Costello (D-IL); Gene Taylor (D-MS); James Oberstar (D-MN); Bobby Bright (D-AL); Steve Driehaus (D-OH); Marcy Kaptur (D-OH); Charlie Melancon (D-LA); John Murtha (D-PA); Paul Kanjorski (D-PA); and Kathleen Dahlkemper (D-PA)

AJ posted last week about the numerous ways that women are already denied health care in the status quo. How is it health care “reform” if we’re maintaining the status quo? There is already a prohibition against federal funds being used for abortion – it’s called the Hyde Amendment. Subsidies for birth control fell drastically during the Bush administration. So I guess the only reform these Democrats would be supporting is a complete elimination of federal funds for contraception.

Take action by contacting Congress and urging them to support the inclusion of reproductive health services in the health care reform package.