Talking About Choice Over Turkey

If I’ve heard it once, I have heard it a hundred times. Thanksgiving finds confident pro-choice activists trapped in an uncomfortable conversation with a family member that is less-than-thrilled about their involvement with the reproductive rights movement, and can’t wait to confront them about it post-turkey.

Want to use the holiday as a time to find common ground and educate your loved-ones about the passion you have for all things pro-choice? Here are some helpful tips that I have learned through my experience as a Planned Parenthood Activist Boot Camp facilitator and my own humble experience as a pro-choice activist in this big, bad world:

  • Leave your favorite bumper sticker where it belongs. When having a conversation about choice with someone with a different view, avoid reverting to “my body, my choice!” The slogans do not facilitate dialog, and are not adequate tools when discussing reproductive rights with a hostile audience. Also, most anti-choicers have heard them all before. Instead, focus on your… [Read more...]

You might NOT be a feminist if…

If you look like this, you might NOT be a feminist

After making anti-women policies a hallmark of her short political career, Sarah Palin really wants to be a feminist.

Sarah Palin is making the rounds of the campaign scene, and trying to invent a “conservative feminism” along the way. While many real feminists are outraged at her audacity, few are willing to take a stand against allowing someone like Palin into our ranks. After all, isn’t feminism “supposed” to be about tolerance of all perspectives and all types of women?

Such a stance will only serve to create a world of feminist relativism, where the word means nothing.

There are certain actions that are simply fundamentally anti-feminist, that is, they threaten the freedom, equality, dignity, or rights of a various group of people. Certainly being “tolerant” and promoting “diversity” among our ranks cannot be more important than promoting standards of true equality and progressive social change.

Just being a woman does not make you a feminist, particularly if your policies and positions are blatantly anti-woman. For those who see Sarah Palin calling herself a feminist and are confused about what feminism really means in 2010, I not only argue, but insist, that Sarah Palin is no feminist. And to prevent further confusion I have come up with four sure-fire ways to know if you or someone you love is NOT a feminist: [Read more...]