The Key to Safe Sex? Get Married Early, Says UT Professor

marriage wedding ringsA professor at the University of Texas is making his case for getting married early in life. According the the Austin American-Statesman:

If Christians aren’t waiting until marriage to have sex — and statistics show they aren’t — Mark Regnerus says he’s found the perfect solution: They should just get married right after high school . . .

His premise, in the Christianity Today piece, is that the evangelical emphasis on abstinence, combined with the growing number of adults who are getting married later in life, has created economic, biological and emotional problems for Christians. U.S. Census Bureau data show that the median age for marriage has been rising steadily since the 1960s, when the median marrying age was 20 for women and 22 for men. By 2007, the median age had risen to 25 for women and 27 for men.

Regnerus’ main argument is “that evangelical Christians have become too preoccupied with sex and turned their attention away from the damage that Americans are doing to the institution of marriage by discouraging it and delaying it. [Read more...]

Outsmarting Bible-thumpers! Talk Choice like a (Religious) Pro


Engaging in a biblical debate about abortion might seem a little ridiculous if you do not, in fact, believe in God or the Bible.  But you’ll never get the choice message across to a Christian fundamentalist without trying!  The bible does not mention abortion.  It does not define life at conception.

Below are a few common Biblical arguments, and some push backs you can use.  For the truly adventurous, I’ve also included some Bible verses that support Pro-Choice arguments.  Trust me, I went to Christian college (shudder).

  • The word ‘fetus’ never occurs in the bible: No kidding.  Fetus/foetus is of Latin origin.   Its generally agreed that the Christian Bible was originally written in a combination of Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic.  It isn’t in the bible because there was no such word. 
  • “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee,” Jeremiah 1:4-10: Anti-choice Christians love this one.  But read the rest of the verse and chapter.  In this passage, God is speaking directly to Jeremiah – a prophet – not to humanity writ large.
  • God creates every life, and every life is precious to him: Not according to the Old Testament.  There are a handful of passages that threaten miscarriages and ‘untimely births’ onto populations as holy punishments.  Also, this begs the question of what constitutes life.  There is no passage that says every pregnancy is precious. [Read more...]