Self-Righteousness, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Celebrity Gossip: Why Jezebel Is Ultimately Bad For The Feminist Movement

Like many other young feminists, I have been reading Jezebel for a few years now. I’ve never been a “Jezzie,” or a frequent commenter and community member, but I found myself logging on frequently to get the scoop on good feminist news and opinion. In between articles on access to birth control and the rape culture, though, you’ll find a lot of celebrity gossip, lifestyle, and cat stories – all of which I have zero problem with. Who doesn’t love a cute cat or a Teen Mom recap? What I do have a problem with, though, is the fact that what the site has become just isn’t good for the feminist movement, or young feminists.

Perhaps you’ll recall the 2008 controversy where writers Tracie Egan Morrissey and Maureen “Moe” Tkacik were interviewed for Lizz Winstead’s “Thinking and Drinking” show. The two showed up visibly drunk, and made some pretty terrible statements about rape and just all-around acted like jerks.

In a Huffington Post article titled “Jezebelism,” Winstead wrote a pretty scathing criticism of the two authors’ actions, noting that they “had no regard for the people who came that night and paid money to hear them speak,” and that they “do not understand the influence they have over the women who read them, nor do they accept any responsibility as role models for young women who are coming of age searching for lifestyles to emulate.” [Read more...]

You might NOT be a feminist if…

If you look like this, you might NOT be a feminist

After making anti-women policies a hallmark of her short political career, Sarah Palin really wants to be a feminist.

Sarah Palin is making the rounds of the campaign scene, and trying to invent a “conservative feminism” along the way. While many real feminists are outraged at her audacity, few are willing to take a stand against allowing someone like Palin into our ranks. After all, isn’t feminism “supposed” to be about tolerance of all perspectives and all types of women?

Such a stance will only serve to create a world of feminist relativism, where the word means nothing.

There are certain actions that are simply fundamentally anti-feminist, that is, they threaten the freedom, equality, dignity, or rights of a various group of people. Certainly being “tolerant” and promoting “diversity” among our ranks cannot be more important than promoting standards of true equality and progressive social change.

Just being a woman does not make you a feminist, particularly if your policies and positions are blatantly anti-woman. For those who see Sarah Palin calling herself a feminist and are confused about what feminism really means in 2010, I not only argue, but insist, that Sarah Palin is no feminist. And to prevent further confusion I have come up with four sure-fire ways to know if you or someone you love is NOT a feminist: [Read more...]

Save Susan!

Each Women’s History Month the portrait of Susan B. Anthony decorates classroom walls around the country. What many people this year will not realize is that a heated debate is taking place involving the life of the 19th Century suffrage leader, and of all things, whether or not she opposed abortion.

Several conservative organizations, calling themselves feminists, have joined forces to manipulate the history of Susan B. Anthony to promote an anti-choice political agenda. Using her image on bumper stickers, t-shirts, and other anti-choice materials, these organizations have painted a woman who devoted her life to securing votes for women, of being publicly opposed to abortion.

According to Mary Krane Derr, an author and member of Feminists for Life, there are “bits of evidence” that prove Susan B. Anthony opposed abortion. Convincing. [Read more...]