Trans Men and Women No Longer Considered Mentally Ill

Earlier this month, the American Psychiatric Association decided to remove Gender Identity Disorder (GID) from the latest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual’s (DSM) list of mental disorders. GID was defined as a condition in which the person experiences dissatisfaction with the sex they were assigned at birth and with the gender stereotypes associated with that sex, often leading to dysphoria, or intense feelings of discontent.

This is welcome news, since GID is being replaced by the term “Gender Dysphoria,” which is less pathologizing since it does not signify a mental disorder or that something is “wrong” with the person who identifies as a trans man or a trans woman. Instead, the focus is placed on the distress experienced by the person undergoing the transition.

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MythBusting: Arguments Against Gay Parents Don’t Add Up

gayparentsThe importance recognizing gay rights in regards to parenting cannot be under stated. There are foster children that deserve loving homes and potential LGBT parents that have the love and resources to provide those children homes. Also, many custody issues arise when LGBT non-biological parents aren’t given legal parental status. These issues cost taxpayers’ money and emotionally strain parents, potential guardians and children.

Champions of inequality try to convince the public that LGBT people are not suited for parenthood. They disregard a lot of research instead perpetuating myths that are too wide spread and causing children to go without loving adults in their lives.

So let’s end the confusion. LGBT parents are needed and the arguments against them need to be put to bed. The following myths have no barring and should never be used in court cases or legislation regarding parental rights of LGBT people.

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