GOP Proposes Excluding Abortion from Employer Provided Health Care

The new congress has many issues to address such as immigration, jobs, education, clean energy, and abortion. After the State of the Union, representatives of the Republican-led house argued for a smaller government that for instance does not place restrictions on businesses. From the oil spill in the Gulf (environment) to skyrocketing health care costs, Republicans advocate that business be left alone without any regulations. Yet, they are exempting abortion for the discussion of smaller government. When the issue of abortion is at hand, Republicans overlook regulations on business.

Republicans are advocating a restriction on businesses from providing health insurance plans that supply abortion coverage to their employees. If the business does provide health insurance with abortion coverage, then the business will fail to receive tax subsidies. Stephanie Condon of CBSNEWS explains how this legislation would be an extension of the Hyde Amendment, which bans federal funding for abortions. For economic efficiency purposes, business will be compelled to choose health care options that do not cover abortions.

In the world of number crunching, the proposed restriction on business makes it much more feasible for a business to choose a health care plan with no abortion coverage than with one. With the middle class shrinking, this will push abortions to be inaccessible for many.  [Read more...]

Health Care Bill Sidelines Women’s Reproductive Rights

Pro-choice majorityThe news of a health care bill making its way through the house yesterday turned out to be a giant failure. Yes, the bill includes a public option. The bill encompasses a plethora of other much-needed benefits as well, however; the religious right, along with a slue of spineless democrats, managed to push through the Stupak Amendment, effectively sidelining women’s reproductive rights in favor of a bankrupt political agenda.

The provision would block federal subsidies for insurance companies that cover abortion procedures. Such a restriction threatens to deprive women of access to vital health care services. In addition, it would eliminate any incentive for insurance companies to provide abortion services. They would be forced to give women’s health the axe in favor of qualifying for federal subsidies. Insurance companies will do anything to compete in a newly expanded market of subsidies, which inevitably means that women would lose coverage for abortion. [Read more...]

Military Spouses, Freedom & Choice

Being the spouse of an active duty U.S. Marine has its benefits, for sure. Of course, it also has its drawbacks. I have a little of both on my mind at the moment.

One major benefit is that I have very good health coverage, for a decent price. Our premium is $28.00/month. The most I pay for a prescription is $3.00/30 day supply, and I usually don’t have to pay that. Prescriptions filled at a base pharmacy are free. I have access to world class medical professionals–providers who are federal employees (or are military themselves) and are salaried. They don’t prescribe pills just because they had a visit from the drug rep and they aren’t concerned about profits, so their advice isn’t guided by an ulterior motive.

There is a catch, (or two) of course.
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