Stop Co-opting Susan B. Anthony Already!

Sarah Palin has a new book out. Didn’t even know she could read, but it’s true. She’s got another book on the shelves. And the loopy lies about how she’s the rightful heir of the first wave of feminism makes me barf a little in my mouth. Palin claims that Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a conservative Christian, and that Palin is cut from the same mold.

Um, news flash, Sarah Palin. Elizabeth Cady Stanton was anything but a conservative, or a Christian. You’ve probably never heard of The Woman’s Bible (notice how I don’t think you know how to read), but Stanton got the boot from the National Women’s Suffrage Association because she published that book and took a bold stance decidedly against religion. Read a book Sarah, and then get back to me on how you and Elizabeth Cady Stanton are cut from the same cloth.

And while we’re on the subject of my favorite sister suffragettes, can you and all your wingnut friends stop co-opting the memory of Miss Susan B. Anthony? For the love of blog! Susan B. Anthony was not anti-abortion. In fact, she never talked about abortion. Just ask her biographers. Susan B. Anthony may have started out with a broad focus (temperance, abolition, women’s rights), but after the Civil War she was very single minded – it was about suffrage or nothing. To return to the issue of The Woman’s Bible, Anthony would tell people to talk to Stanton if she was asked about it, because religion wasn’t her issue. She kept her eyes on the suffrage prize. If Susan B. Anthony were alive today, she would decidedly be pro-choice because she did make speeches in favor of family planning while she was alive. So read a freaking history book and stop spinning the facts to fit your agenda.

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  1. S, can I just say that I love this (and you?)

    But I hate her. I am fully exhausted with the right using her as some example of what a woman should be.

  2. Poor Ms Sarah has to be the laziest thinker around! I mean, why bother learning those boring old facts when you can just make them up as you go along? I suppose we should be thankful that she agrees that women should vote. A few more baby steps to the right, and she’d be telling us to trust our menfolk to vote for us.

  3. Amy, I’m with you. The best thing about the “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” TV show is that it reveals her for the vacuous windbag that she is. I’m ready for Mitt Romney to tap into his godly powers and vanquish the she-devil. I’d much rather have him running on the GOP ticket in 2012 than Mama Grizzly.

  4. Sarah, you’re hilarious. Sad thing is that you’re not that far off the mark.

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