Pro-Choice News Roundup: All about the Morning After Pill

We are outraged, and we are not the only ones:

“As a father of Two Daughters,” Obama Embraces Politics over Science on Emergency Contraception.” The Nation.

In Astounding Move, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Overrules FDA Recommendation to Make Plan B Over-the-Counter. RH Reality Check.

Five Common Drugs More Dangerous than Plan B. Jezebel.

Obama: “As the Father of 2 Daughters” I want my government to ignore science. Empty Wheel.

Obama blames Kathleen Sebelius for decision that teens are too dumb to use Morning After Pill. Daily Kos.

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  1. Good to see all the outrage! (Oh how I can’t wait for Malia and Sasha to grow up and set their daddy straight!! And if there’s any sense in the world, Michelle is giving him an earfull. Hmmph!)

    Esp love the graphic!!!! Nice choice :)

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