Pro-Choice News Roundup

Mississippi Personhood Amendment Fails. Newsy

Women out in front in defeat of Initiative 26. Hattiesburg American.

Defeating Personhood: A Critical but Incomplete Victory for Reproductive Justice. RH Reality Check.

FemPop’s Guide to Sexism in Gaming Forums. FemPop.

Michigan Attorney General seeks closure of two abortion clinics. Detroit Free Press.

Mondays with Marlo: Gloria Steinem. Huffington Post.

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  1. It seems that it would be so clear to you by now that a fertilized egg, an embryo, or we will just say the unborn are a life that is about to be brought into this world (or potentially). What if your mother had decided to abort you? I believe that all of you, ProChoicers just need to ask Jesus to forgive your past sins and tell him that you believe that he died for your sins on the cross and ask him to come into your lifes forever and He will! If you had been raised by a Dad that was always on his knees praying every night and visiting people and always helping people, then you would know the truth. Abortion is murder! I even knew this as a little girl when I realized my friend’s mom was secretly getting an abortion (only because she did not want the responsibility of another child). There was a terrible feeling in the air. My friend told me what was happening and we (as just little girls) were very sad. Please think about what you are saying and supporting. Abortion is killing and can never be right. Love to all of you and I pray that you see the truth!

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