One Year Later

I remember exactly where I was when I found out that Dr. George Tiller had been murdered. I remember what I said to my husband, and I remember calling my parents and sister and sitting on my couch restlessly channel-surfing between CNN and MSNBC while refreshing the New York Times website on my laptop. I craved information, details, concrete words to attempt to make sense out of something so incredibly unreal. One year later, it still seems unreal.

The other night I was making dinner and thinking about how it’s been almost twelve months and I realized that this loss is too big and far-reaching to ever make sense. Dr. Tiller is gone. Say the words again: Dr. Tiller is gone. And think of the reason why: because he helped women and families. How can that ever make sense? It can’t, and it shouldn’t. I’ve been struggling to write this post, but honestly, the words are escaping me.

The death of Dr. Tiller has left such a huge hole that will never fully close, it hurts to even think about. My heart goes out to his family, to his staff, to all the women whose lives he saved. Dr. Tiller’s courage, his compassion, and his dedication to helping others is a constant inspiration to all of us in the pro-choice community to keep working, to keep fighting, and to never give up.

I’m sure more articles and columns about Dr. Tiller will appear in all sorts of media this weekend, but here are three really great ones:

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  1. freewomyn says:

    This is a really beautiful tribute, Sarah. I remember being absolutely shocked by the news. How could somebody get murdered in church? It’s just unbelievable.

  2. Very, very well said.

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