An Ode to Hermione Granger: In Four Parts

Incredulously: “You’re Hermione Granger” – Yes, I think in a British accent that would work splendidly.  Hermione could easily be the star of Griffandor,  Hogwarts, and the wizarding community at large. But, her role as side kick and best bud to legend Harry Potter is not diminished by her lack of mythical world stardom because Hermione is a star, perhaps not to the wizarding community, but she is to her friends, her community and the real muggle world at large.

Hermione does not fit into the binary suppositions of brawn or brain as she demonstrates both deftly and defiantly throughout the series. This ode celebrates her brawn in a series of moments that provide insight and inspiration.

Part I: Punching Malfoy

Sometimes a wand is just too passé, and what you need is a good ole punch in the face. When Hermione turns and punches Malfoy’s lights out for gloating at the demise of Buckbeak (in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban), everyone in the theater went crazy. Something about the sheer physicality of the action was thrilling and in the binary power struggle between the Death Eaters and the Order of the Phoenix, light versus dark, good versus evil, the brief  moment is one of triumph for our champions.  Gender is not an issue in this world of Harry, Ron and Hermione as the classic damsel in distress role is distinctly lacking from this trio. 

Part II: Tortured By Bellatrix Lestrange:

The movie (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I) downplays the torture Hermione endures at the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange, but the book details the encounter much more vividly.  Not only does Hermione stand up defiantly to Lestrange’s methods of torture without flinching, she does not give up any details about Harry and Ron and their mission. Hermione is willing to die for her friends and the greater good, leaving Harry and Ron to continue their quest to destroy the horcruxes and defeat Voldemort.

Part III: Grace Under Pressure

Hemingway may not have had this fierce wand wielding witch in mind when he spawned this classic definition of courage, but Hermione’s courage has gotten the trio out of a number of scrapes. In the latest movie, she grabs Ron and Harry to flee Bill and Fleur’s wedding only to battle it out with Death Eaters in a nearby cafe and never once wavers (from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I–can’t wait for the cinematic conclusion!!!). Without Hermione and her quick wand the boys would have been toast!

Part IV: Dumbledore’s Army:

Harry may have been the instructor and leader of Dumbledore’s Army in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but its Hermione’s cunning and sheer will that puts the pieces in play. She has the determination to convince Harry to teach them what he has learned about the dark arts, she courageously stands up in front of her classmates in the wake of doubt as to exactly how Cedric died and under threat of reprimand (or worse, expulsion) she brilliantly invents their bewitched galleon system that lets the members of the DA communicate without suspicion.

I’ll be at the theater this Thursday night for the premier of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, enjoying the triumph of our trio and experiencing the bitter sweet conclusion of a decade long infatuation with the amazing world of Hermione, Harry and Ron.  Happy movie watching!

About Kimberly:
Kimberly is a law student at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. When not studying or writing, she can be found devouring video games and books. She is commonly caught muttering under her breath a critique of the consumeristic mechanism that constantly insists on bombarding her personal space.


  1. Kim, I love Hermoine, and I love your tribute to her. She was a total badass when she punched Malfoy. And I love that her wits and intelligence is always the saving grace for the bumbling boys. Hermoine deserves a medal and a parade!

  2. oh my god!!!! You go Hermione!!! Even though she is just a side kick, you are an awesome actress…..
    Actually you and Ronald are cool same as you and Harry.. Soooo Romantic. I really lie the way you punch Malfoy… yeah!!!!! heheheheheh

    Hermione and Draco :
    Hermione and Harry :
    Hermione and Ron:

    Either of the 3 will do..
    They are soooo hot!!!!
    All of them!!!
    And they really acted their role excellently!!!!
    All Thumbs up!!

  3. It’s a bit unfortunate, however, that any and all notion of Hermione being a feminist role model is then completely undermined by her being lumbered with a selfish moron who treats her like crap, isn’t it rather?

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