Obama Administration Taking a Tough Stance Against Clinic Protesters

The headlines of the past three years have been dominated by stories of anti-choice legislation, abortion protester shenanigans, and attempts to defund Planned Parenthood. That being said, however, the National Abortion Federation says that clinic violence has actually decreased in the past year.

One explanation for the decrease in clinic violence is that protesters are starting to get a clue that their actions have consequences. The Obama administration has actually been taking a much tougher stance against abortion clinic protesters by enforcing the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (aka “FACE Act“).  NPR reports that the Justice Department has filed eight cases against abortion protesters under the FACE Act, which is a stark comparison to only one case being filed under the Bush administration.

But Sharon Levin, a vice president at the National Abortion Federation, says there are still some signs of trouble, including two incidents this summer involving Molotov cocktails and the arrest of a man who told police he wanted to shoot two abortion doctors in Wisconsin.

Levin attributes the relatively low level of extreme violence to the Justice Department’s more aggressive enforcement of the FACE Act.

“One of the dangers we have seen is that the people who commit the major violent acts often started with minor violent acts,” Levin says, “and they were never arrested, so their activities escalated.”

I tend to agree with Sharon Levin – anti-choice protesters need to know that breaking the law has consequences.  If we wait until someone brings a gun to a clinic, we’ve waited too long.  People who block the parking lot entrance, or who attempt to prevent patients from going inside an abortion clinic need to have consequences.  We might not be able to stop abortion protesters from shouting at patients – they do have a First Amendment right to say whatever they want.  But you do have to obey the law.

My opinion does have a caveat.  I don’t trust the cops.  I have a very negative view of the “justice system.”  However, from my experience as a former clinic escort, I think that my negative attitude towards calling the police on someone is far outweighed by anti-choice protesters being straight up assholes when they try to block the clinic entrance.

What’s your take on the Justice Department’s stance? Do you think eight lawsuits is enough? Or do we need to see even more abortion protesters being arrested? If you’re a clinic escort, what has your experience been like? I’d love to get your take on the story.

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  1. I’ll take any good news I can get these days. I have similar ambivalence about the police, in part because it pisses me off that we don’t live in a world where we can trust them blindly. I mean, doesn’t everyone remember the nice officer who came to visit them in elementary school? What happened to him?

    I suppose I should give the majority of them the benefit of the doubt as I aspire to do with everyone I meet. Some days it’s just harder than others.

  2. I think that eight lawsuits is a good start, and I’m glad to see the Obama administration taking this issue seriously. Do I wish there were more lawsuits, and better local laws to keep protestors away from patients? Of course. But like Jodi, I’ll take any good news I can get right now!

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