NYPD Narcotics Detective Charged for Demanding Sex from Women he Arrested

NY Daily News

Detective Oscar Sandino, a 13-year veteran, was charged today for demanding sex from two women he had arrested. In addition, Detective Sandino has been accused of coercing a third woman into having sex in exchange for assistance with her cousin’s criminal case. If convicted of the federal civil rights violations, Sandino faces up to three years of prison time.

The alleged attacks date back to 2006 when he was assigned to the Queens North Narcotics Bureau, court papers say.

That August, he had sex with a woman whose cousin he had arrested after falsely telling her he faced a long prison sentence, prosecutors charged.

In February 2008, while arresting a woman and her boyfriend on drug charges, he allegedly took the woman into a bedroom and forced her to undress.

When he brought the woman to the 110th Precinct for booking, Sandino warned she would lose her children unless she had sex with him, prosecutors said.

Sandino allegedly took the woman into the bathroom, ordered her to pull down her pants and molested her.

“Wow, you have an earring down there,” Sandino said to the woman, according to a lawsuit she filed.

“Now I know I can trust you,” he allegedly said after the assault.

The victim reported Sandino to the Internal Affairs Bureau and investigators gathered text messages, phone records and taped conversations to corroborate the allegations.

Federal prosecutors Pamela Chen and Licha Nyiendo said the evidence is “substantial and irrefutable.”

“The persistent and repetitive nature of the defendant’s misconduct demonstrates that he is a sexual predator,” they said in court papers.

In a third attack last September, Sandino allegedly took a handcuffed woman who had been arrested for disorderly conduct into a private room at the stationhouse and made her bare her breasts.

This guy is a complete a-hole who used his power to abuse women in positions of vulnerability. The sad reality is that this happens on a regular basis – and many of these incidents of sexual violence go unreported. Moreover, three years of prison time for Sandino isn’t going to solve the larger structural problem that this type of behavior is normalized in our culture.

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