National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers

Abortion providers – and clinic directors, and nurses, and medical students, and clinic escorts, and volunteers* – dedicate their lives to ensuring women have access to safe abortion care. March 10th is the National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers – show your support for these amazing health care professionals!

*And probably more people I’m forgetting – please help complete the list!

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  1. So many providers to thank, so little time!

    Dennis W. Miller, who performed a safe and legal abortion on eighteen-year-old Erna Fisher, while her mother held her hand, on March 10, 1988. During the abortion, Erna suddenly sat up, went into convulsions, and began to vomit. Miller continued with the abortion while Erna choked to death on her own vomit.

    Abram Zelikman, who left the hemorrhaging Eurice Agbagaa in the care of an untrained receptionist.

    Raymond Showery, erstwhile studio wrestler, who let Mickey Apodaca bleed to death while he was out on bail appealing a murder conviction.

    Hanan Rotem, National Abortion Federation member responsible for the death of Gloria Aponte, and who was allowing his untrained receptionist to assist with general anesthesia.

    John Biskind, who let Lisa Bardsley and Lou Ann Herron bleed to death.
    James Franklin, who sent Betty Damato home with a trash bag to collect her dead baby in.

    Hector Zavalos, who sent newlywed Barbaralee Davis home with the face and spine of her unborn baby jammed into a tear in her uterus.

    Inno Obasi, who cut a uterine artery and let Synthia Dennard bleed to death from an abortion he performed on her when — as it turned out — she wasn’t even pregnant in the first place.

    Milan Vuitch, who started out as a proper “back alley butcher” then went on to kill Jeannie English and Wilma Harris after legalization.

    George Tiller, who runs the late-term abortion mill where Christin Gilbert, a mentally-disabled teenager, was subjected to a fatal third-trimester abortion.

    Moshe Hachamovitch, who performed the fatal abortions on Christina Goesswein, Tanya Williamson, and Luz Rodriguez and owned the seedy mills where Lisa Bardsley, Lou Ann Herron, and Jammie Garcia suffered their fatal injuries.

    Harvey Johnson, who sent Shary Graham home to bleed to death.

    Gideon Kioko, who let both Debra Gray and Suzanne Logan suffer life-ending brain damage.

    Thomas Tucker, who cancelled the ambulance his nurse had called for Angela Hall.

    Bruce Steir, who left the hemorrhaging Sharon Hamplton in the care of staff who put her in a wheelchair and shoved her out the door to die.

    Robert Sherman, who was caught deliberately performing incomplete abortions so he could charge more for aftercare — killing Rita McDowell.

    Carl Armstrong, who sent Sandra Milton home to bleed to death in front of her three children.

    Arnold Bickham, who shoved the hemorrhaging Sylvia Moore out the door to bleed to death.

    David Benjamin, who did such a botch job on trying to resuscitate Guadalupe Negron that he pumped her stomach full of air instead of getting oxygen into her lungs.

    E. Wyman Garrett, who lacerated Germaine Newman internally, then sent her home to bleed to death on the bathroom floor.

    Benjamin Munson, erstwhile “back alley butcher”, who sent both Linda Padfield and Yvonne Mesteth home to die of sepsis from incomplete abortions.

    Suresh Gandotra, who shoved a maimed 32-week fetus through the back of Magdalena Rodriguez’s uterus, then left her unattended while he did other patient’s abortions.

    Scott Barrett, who saved money by overdosing patients on Lidocaine instead of hiring a nurse-anesthetist — thus killing Stacy Ruckman.

    Abraham Alberto Hodari, who performed the fatal abortions on Tamiia Russell, whose abuser’s sister had arranged the abortion; he also did the fatal abortions on Chivon Williams and Regina Johnson.

    Jesse Ketchum, former “back alley abortionist”, who went on to kill Carole Schaner and Margaret Smith in just four months time.

    The staff of Atlanta Women’s Pavillion, who managed to fatally injure two teenage abortion patients almost simultaneously.

    Rapin Osathanondh, who had a “hand holder” assisting in general anesthesia on Laura Hope Smith.

    Frank Robinson, who sent Jennifer Suddeth home to bleed to death.
    Wendell Phillips, who pumped carbon dioxide into Pamela Wainwright’s blood stream, killing her.

    And this is just a sampling of the stalwart providers of vital reproductive health care services we’re to be appreciating today.

    Don’t forget to thank them!

    • Janice Newman Teetsell says:

      My daughter was a victim of Dr. E. Wyman Garrett. You cannot imagine the pain it causes me to see how you are using her death in this manner – she would have been 42 this week – it is one thing to lobby against abortion – it is another thing to use the name of those who have died in your campaign. Ever think of the pain you might be causing their families by using their names – I abhor the actions of Dr. Garrett – these doctors took advantage of the faith placed on them – you never know the circumstances in any of the cases cited. You do not care about the pain you continue to inflict by naming names. Please stop. Use the name of the doctors – but please leave their victims’ families some privacy.

  2. I am showing my support for abortion providers today by praying for their conversion to the pro-life side.

    • I love that so many anti-choice people read our blog!

      • Sarah Goulds says:

        We are not “anti-choice.” We are “pro-life!” The fact that it is legal to chose MURDER is disgusting.

        • From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

          Definition of CHOICE
          1: the act of choosing : selection
          2: power of choosing : option

          Your comment indicates that you do not wish for people to have a choice in terms of whether to continue a pregnancy. So, yes, that would make you anti-choice.

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