Most Commented On During 2012

Now that we are celebrating women’s history month we thought we would take a look at our own history and check out which articles got the most comments during 2012.

The clear “winner” for 2012 was a piece by Amy called Tosh.No Why Rape Jokes (And Daniel Tosh) Are Never Funny which received over 50 comments and is still being commented on. Many of these comments were made by upset Daniel Tosh fans who just wanted us to know how boring we feminists are and that we all have “sticks up our asses” and are hateful bitches. On the other hand, the post received a lot of comments from people that were equally upset about rape jokes and discussed how hurtful rape jokes and rape culture is.

A second much commented on piece, written by Serena, was titled Would You Choose Abortion If Your Baby Had Down Syndrome? The comments on this piece were very constructive as different readers discussed the issue of being strong enough and having the financial stability to care for a child with special needs.Another great piece that received a lot of comments was titled Period Regulation After The Pill, written by Maureen. Many of our readers wanted to discuss this issue and shared their thought and feelings together with tips on how to regulate your period and what worked or did not work for them.

Another article that got a lot of feedback, both negative and positive, was called Why Do Men Rape? Evolutionary Theory Has The Answer: Part One and was written by Elin and Hennie. Here we wanted to share how some evolutionary theorists argue that men rape to ensure reproductive success, a theory that is not backed up by any real solid proof. Many people provided their own comments to prove how evolutionary theorists have got it wrong while others claimed that men rape for sex and that rape must have a purpose beyond power, control and domination.  

Finally, one of last years most commented blog posts was written by Maria during last years women’s history month and was titled A Short Story Of How Obstetricians Replaced Midwives. Here Maria discussed how midwives have been excluded by a multitude of factors. Most of the readers who commented on the piece were frustrated over the fact that midwives had been pushed out of the profession and felt that giving birth should not be treated as “an illness” but as something natural.

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