Karmic Rewards: Privacy & the Public Figures Behind Oklahoma HB 1595

Senator Todd Lamb
As Kristen reported last week, the Statistical Reporting of Abortions Act, (passed in Oklahoma last spring) is being challenged in court on the grounds that it covers more than one subject and, thus, is a violation of the state constitution. Since Kristin already did such a great job summarizing the bill, I won’t bore you with those details—check out her post if you want to read more!  We at FFC sincerely hope this challenge (as well as any others that come forward) is successful and that this horrible piece of legislation meets its end before it can be implemented.

Given the particularly heinous nature of this bill and the potential it has to do long-term harm to the rights of women all over the country, plus the fact that it is really only one example of the shenanigans state elected officials will pull in order to ensure that I am not the one to control the destiny of my uterus, I think it makes sense to subject it to all sorts of scrutiny, courtesy of the blogosphere.

And since I am all about karmic justice, I decided that the idiots behind this colossal piece of crap should be subject to an equal level of scrutiny as well as varying forms of public ridicule.  Sadly, it isn’t within my power to cart them off to the town square and place them in a pillory everyone to mock.  I will just have to settle for posting their profiles here.  Including their phone numbers and email addresses.  All of this is public information, of course.  But I thought it might be interesting to see how they feel about having the details of their personal lives uploaded to the web for all to see.

Unfortunately the list of folks who supported this bill is fairly long, so I won’t be able to do all of my pseudo-pillorying in one post.  I’ll have to drag it out a little.  I thought, for a few minutes, I would just list them alphabetically—fairly democratic, I feel.  But not as fun as starting with the initial author of the bill, then moving on to the list of co-authors and, finally, ending with the “little people”—a.k.a., the asshats who voted for it, but didn’t breed it.



Senator Lamb was elected to the State Senate in 2004 and continues to serve today.  He is currently the Majority Floor Leader, but has much higher aspirations.  The good senator, you see, announced his candidacy for Lt. Governor of Oklahoma in August of this year.   His campaign website is pretty darn droll, but it is clear that our Mr. Lamb has set his political sites on bigger and better things than being a State Senator.

A quick little whitepages.com search (its easy, anyone can do it!) turns up Mr. Lamb’s home address and phone number.  Ordinarily, I am staunchly on the side of privacy protection.  In this case though, Mr. Lamb is willing to force women seeking abortion services to furnish the details of their private lives and have them published on the ODHS web site, so it seems fair to expect that he will be OK with his info being published to the web too.  Of course, he’s not seeking an abortion.  But he is seeking elected office.

I humbly urge FFC readers to call, write and email Mr. Todd.  Do let him know exactly how you feel about his efforts to ensure that the women of Oklahoma do not have access to safe, legal and affordable abortion services—as well as his work to make sure that the private medical decisions of women are subject to review and made public by the Oklahoma Department of Health Services.  And be sure to point out that the pro-choice community, both in and outside the state, intends to fight his bid for the post of Lt. Governor of Oklahoma.

Mr. Todd’s home address and home phone number are:

801 Glenlake Dr.
Edmond, OK 73103-1811
(405) 752-5262

Do be civil people. My intent is not to encourage anyone to threaten, harass or intimidate Senator Todd or his family.  Do not call their house at all hours of the night; in fact, be as polite as possible—just as you would if you were calling the Oklahoma capital switchboard.  Do not fill his email box with spam or  his snail mail box with junk; simply offer your opinion of his policies and of this bill.

The point is to voice our opposition to his work and to convince Senator Todd of the error of his ways.  Bringing this pressure to bear in a way that is intended to demonstrate the importance of personal privacy is simply a method.  Sure, its a method fraught with irony and karmic justice—but it is still only a method.


  1. TS Phillips says:

    How is it such people complain constantly about government intrusion into the lives of private citizens, except when it comes to the sex lives and reproductive rights of anyone other than themselves?

    Speaking as a man, until men can get pregnant they should have absolutely no say in reproductive rights what so ever.

  2. Mrs. Mastro says:

    TS–you’re exactly right! Right leaning folks such as Mr. Todd are more than happy to keep government small if it means they can own whatever weapon they want, pay as few taxes as possible, destroy the planet, soak up the gravy of corporate greed, etc.

    Of course, for them, it means that they government now has the time and energy it needs to interject itself in my bedroom, constrain my body and make sure that my husband doesn’t serve in the military with anyone who is gay–and especially that no gay people get married.

    They are all about limited government–as long as it isn’t their choices that are being restricted.

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